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Teenage Dreams

It’s my blogoversary (or my blog’s blogoversary, or whatever) today, and slightly scarily it’s now 13 years old. I’m expecting hormonal tantrums with it banging around the house and yelling that it hates me any day now. They grow up … finish reading “Teenage Dreams”

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An Actual Knitting Post

No, really! I haven’t done a lot of knitting (or spinning, and certainly not crochet) lately.  And by lately, I mean… the last 18 months.  Or thereabouts.  But in the last week or two I’ve picked up a couple of … finish reading “An Actual Knitting Post”

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Stuck already!

Or, How To Be Extra-Specially Rubbish at Blogging, by Lou. Oh dear. So, it’s all of day two of this challenge thingy, and already I’m kind of stuck for what to write about.  So I’m writing about not being able … finish reading “Stuck already!”

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It’s my Blogoversary

It’s my blogoversary today – eleven whole years since I started this blog!  It’s gone through some changes in that time, of course.  Webby tech has advanced and all that.  And of course I haven’t been able to blog steadily … finish reading “It’s my Blogoversary”

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A decade of blogging

I very nearly forgot altogether, but yesterday was my “blogoversary”.  The tenth anniversary of starting this blog, in fact. It doesn’t feel like ten years, but then there have been some years where I’ve barely blogged at all, or at … finish reading “A decade of blogging”

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No(t much) Snow

We’ve had a little bit of snow today, but it hasn’t really settled.  Which is good, because it meant that the rails and roads were OK for getting back from the Skunk Anansie gig at Brixton Academy last night.  That … finish reading “No(t much) Snow”

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Getting chilly

It is getting cold out there – going to be below freezing tonight, and snow is on the way.  I think I’m going to get snuggled under my duvet asap. In website news, though, I think I’ve got everything sorted … finish reading “Getting chilly”

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And we’re back

I thought I wasn’t going to get to post today, because the website has been down since about midnight last night, and it wasn’t looking hopeful!  But then my host fixed everything (hooray), and although I had to restore a … finish reading “And we’re back”

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Coding, Comments and Connectivity

I’ve been faffing around with the design of the non-blog pages on this site today and yesterday… and I’ve made a right hash of it! That’ll teach me to try modifying someone else’s code rather than writing my own. I’m … finish reading “Coding, Comments and Connectivity”

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Repost for 18 Nov: In which my computer was unhappy, but my web server more so.

I should have taken a back-up after I posted yesterday.  I should have known.  But silly me, I didn’t.  So the entry I did post is gone, eaten I assume by the server move that’s happening with my web host … finish reading “Repost for 18 Nov: In which my computer was unhappy, but my web server more so.”

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I fibbed

Well, sort of – I said I would post pictures of the finished shawl today, and I haven’t got around to taking and uploading them yet.  What I do have is a sort-of, half-finished, almost new blog design.  Yeah, I … finish reading “I fibbed”

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S is for Spinning

I can’t believe it’s come round again already, but the Tour de Fleece starts again on 3rd July.  Which means I shall be spinning along with many many others for the duration of the Tour de France bike race.  I … finish reading “S is for Spinning”

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R is for Reciprocity

Today is the first day of June’s IComLeavWe, the comment-leaving equivalent of NaBloPoMo.  Well, sort of – the aim is to leave five comments, and return / reply to one, every day during the week of the 21st-28th of the … finish reading “R is for Reciprocity”

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(Or, Non-alphabetical Post The Third) WordPress 3.0 is out – has been for a couple of days, actually – so I’m going to do the upgrade soon.  Probably not tonight, but most likely tomorrow morning.  I’m glad I hadn’t got … finish reading “Upgrading”

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M is for Markup

Which is a twisty way of saying that I’ve been working on a few tweaks to the new theme that I’ve applied to this site.  I’m not entirely happy with my Ravelry progress bars.  I dunno.  I’m going to carry … finish reading “M is for Markup”

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