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Coding Fun

I can’t remember if I’ve written about this before – probably not, considering how infrequently I’ve actually been blogging! But anyway.  Coding for fun!  Some time last summer (I think) I discovered CodeAcademy and I’ve been playing around on there … finish reading “Coding Fun”

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The Good, The Sad, and the Dusty

I know, I know.  It’s been ages.  Again.  I won’t try to update on everything that I’ve been up to, so here are five things: three good, one sad, and one dusty. The Good. 1.  I have a new blog!  … finish reading “The Good, The Sad, and the Dusty”

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Getting chilly

It is getting cold out there – going to be below freezing tonight, and snow is on the way.  I think I’m going to get snuggled under my duvet asap. In website news, though, I think I’ve got everything sorted … finish reading “Getting chilly”

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And we’re back

I thought I wasn’t going to get to post today, because the website has been down since about midnight last night, and it wasn’t looking hopeful!  But then my host fixed everything (hooray), and although I had to restore a … finish reading “And we’re back”

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Coding, Comments and Connectivity

I’ve been faffing around with the design of the non-blog pages on this site today and yesterday… and I’ve made a right hash of it! That’ll teach me to try modifying someone else’s code rather than writing my own. I’m … finish reading “Coding, Comments and Connectivity”

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I fibbed

Well, sort of – I said I would post pictures of the finished shawl today, and I haven’t got around to taking and uploading them yet.  What I do have is a sort-of, half-finished, almost new blog design.  Yeah, I … finish reading “I fibbed”

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All work and no play…

… makes Loopylou something something?  Except it’s not like I do work in the traditional “going to work” sense, so never mind.  The reason I’m vaguely on this topic is that the theme for October’s NaBloPoMo is “Play”.  You can … finish reading “All work and no play…”

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(Or, Non-alphabetical Post The Third) WordPress 3.0 is out – has been for a couple of days, actually – so I’m going to do the upgrade soon.  Probably not tonight, but most likely tomorrow morning.  I’m glad I hadn’t got … finish reading “Upgrading”

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N is for Nothing Much

I seem to have hit the mid-month blogging slump.  Although on the plus side, I’ve also reached the middle of the month and I’ve blogged every day.  Hooray! Today I went to the Bipolar group / course.  Looks like it’s … finish reading “N is for Nothing Much”

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M is for Markup

Which is a twisty way of saying that I’ve been working on a few tweaks to the new theme that I’ve applied to this site.  I’m not entirely happy with my Ravelry progress bars.  I dunno.  I’m going to carry … finish reading “M is for Markup”

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L is for Lazy Sunday

I really have done pretty much pants-all today.  I should make some kind of effort to at least get ready for doing things tomorrow – put the sheets in the washing machine so they’re ready to go, or something.  We … finish reading “L is for Lazy Sunday”

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A is for Ambition

I’ve decided that a good way to keep myself going with the daily posting is to do the meme / exercise that I’ve seen on some other blogs, and do a letter of the alphabet each day.  Obviously that leaves … finish reading “A is for Ambition”

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A bit of a catch up

Oops again: I managed not to blog for yet another whole month, and missed my 8-year Blogoversary in the bargain (thanks for the ‘versary wishes!). So what have I been doing? Well, I’ve done a couple of websites for my … finish reading “A bit of a catch up”

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Future changes…

I’ve spent most of today playing around with the new version (2.7) of WordPress with a view to moving this site and blog over to using it in the new year. I love it! I liked the previous versions, but … finish reading “Future changes…”

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Lesson Learned

Note to self: do not turn a sock heel late at night while watching telly and not counting properly. It will only end lopsidedly! Ah well, back I go! This is, by the way, the third pair of socks for … finish reading “Lesson Learned”

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