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Oh baby, it’s cold outside!

I took a day off of blogging yesterday, but I’m going to see if I can now do the rest of December as well.  If not, no big worry.  I actually ventured out yesterday, and I’m glad I did, even … finish reading “Oh baby, it’s cold outside!”

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NaBloPoMo Success!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay, I won!  Well, I passed the finishing line, having posted every day this month – and this time without a meme to help me along.  Woohoo!  I am ver’ ver’ proud of myself. Thank you very much. In weather … finish reading “NaBloPoMo Success!”

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Snowy weather

Well, the snow is definitely here now – when I woke up yesterday there was a white blanket of it outside, and although it did melt up at my Mum’s house, it hasn’t done here yet, and we’ve had more … finish reading “Snowy weather”

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No(t much) Snow

We’ve had a little bit of snow today, but it hasn’t really settled.  Which is good, because it meant that the rails and roads were OK for getting back from the Skunk Anansie gig at Brixton Academy last night.  That … finish reading “No(t much) Snow”

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Getting chilly

It is getting cold out there – going to be below freezing tonight, and snow is on the way.  I think I’m going to get snuggled under my duvet asap. In website news, though, I think I’ve got everything sorted … finish reading “Getting chilly”

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Y is for Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!

The hot weather is continuing, and now it’s got to the point where it’s really too hot to sleep at night.  Not so much fun.  Especially with a cat who’s determined to plaster himself against you!  Ugh.  I didn’t even … finish reading “Y is for Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!”

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U is for Uninventive

Which is how I’m feeling today.  I think it’s the heat – lovely as it is, I’m starting to get lethargic.  I could just go for a nice snooze right about now!  And I’m only just back from Knit & … finish reading “U is for Uninventive”

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All Hands on Deck

I haven’t blogged much recently because I’ve been knitting.  Which means I don’t have enough hands to type at the same time!  I should at least be mostly done with the things I’m knitting as Christmas presents.  Ahem.  I might … finish reading “All Hands on Deck”

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Friday 5 for March 27: Turning

The Friday 5 site is back, so here are my answers for this week: To whom do you normally turn when you need to complain about something? Hmm… it probably depends on what it is!  My Mum and my LJ … finish reading “Friday 5 for March 27: Turning”

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Two weeks of Friday 5

Since the site was down for the revamp last week, I’m going to catch up on the last two weeks’ worth of Friday 5 questions: Friday 5 for March 13: It’s Cold! What’s your favorite frozen heat-and-eat food? Hmmm… that’s … finish reading “Two weeks of Friday 5”

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Project 365 #9, Days 68-82: 17th – 31st March

Back to the catching up! Here are days 68 to 82 of my Project 365 photos. If you want to see all the photos so far, click on the Project 365 category link, or check out the Project 365 folder … finish reading “Project 365 #9, Days 68-82: 17th – 31st March”

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