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All Hands on Deck

I haven’t blogged much recently because I’ve been knitting.  Which means I don’t have enough hands to type at the same time!  I should at least be mostly done with the things I’m knitting as Christmas presents.  Ahem.  I might … finish reading “All Hands on Deck”

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Is Oratoria the plural of Oratorio?

Actually, I’m fairly sure it’s just “Oratorios”.  Which is what I’ve mostly been singing lately, now that I’m a member of Battle Choral Society.  For any non-local people: no, we don’t wear chain mail, we don’t carry weaponry other than … finish reading “Is Oratoria the plural of Oratorio?”

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24: Pass the matchsticks

Oh dear, it’s getting on for 2am, and I’m starting to flag just a little.  I spose that’s the trouble with this time-zone: half way through the ‘thon is tired time already.  I’ve had a walk around the flat, which … finish reading “24: Pass the matchsticks”

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On different voices

Did you know that people have two (at least) voices? “Chest” voice and “head” voice*. I guess most people only use one most of the time, or don’t notice when they switch from one to the other. Mainly, it’s your … finish reading “On different voices”

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Let’s see how I’m doing…

I’m still not ready for Christmas, quite, but I am slowly crossing things off the list: Write and send out cards of both types. Knit like there’s no tomorrow (I’m not doing many knitted presents this year, but there are … finish reading “Let’s see how I’m doing…”

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