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Friday 5 for 26th November

Friday 5 for November 26: Holiday Music What’s your favorite holiday album? Either my two-disc set of Handel’s Messiah, or any album of carols. Puts me properly in the festive mood. What song’s lyrics, title, or theme best expresses the … finish reading “Friday 5 for 26th November”

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Things and Stuff

Today has been a day of variety, which has been nice!  I started out by going up to the Christmas fair for Mum’s church – I got there quite late on, so I helped clear up and carry the remaining … finish reading “Things and Stuff”

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24: Pass the matchsticks

Oh dear, it’s getting on for 2am, and I’m starting to flag just a little.  I spose that’s the trouble with this time-zone: half way through the ‘thon is tired time already.  I’ve had a walk around the flat, which … finish reading “24: Pass the matchsticks”

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21: Happy Sunday!

OK, welcome to Sunday!  Ten hours down, fourteen to go.  Since I’m feeling all virtuous after having made a monster long post about a bipolar topic, and having done housework, I’m going to go and answer some more comments and … finish reading “21: Happy Sunday!”

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Friday 5 for March 6: On This Date

I know I said the bloggy resolutions were for the ‘new’ version of the site, but there’s no time like the present and all that. I need to try and start getting into good habits asap… and also, there might … finish reading “Friday 5 for March 6: On This Date”

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Let’s see how I’m doing…

I’m still not ready for Christmas, quite, but I am slowly crossing things off the list: Write and send out cards of both types. Knit like there’s no tomorrow (I’m not doing many knitted presents this year, but there are … finish reading “Let’s see how I’m doing…”

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The elephant sneezed and fell on his knees, but what became of the monkey monkey monkey monkey…

I’m listening to / watching the Last Night of the Proms at the mo. Ah, Last Night, I luff you! One of these days I’ll actually go in person. I’ve actually been a completely rubbish Prommer this year and not … finish reading “The elephant sneezed and fell on his knees, but what became of the monkey monkey monkey monkey…”

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Anti-spam upgrades

I’ve been having loads of problems with comment spam, so I’ve been upgrading to the latest few versions as they come out, and I’ve also installed the MT-Blacklist and NoFollow plugins. I’ve set the blog to mostly dynamic publishing, too, … finish reading “Anti-spam upgrades”

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TMA anxiety

So, I’ve been getting a bit worried, since I haven’t had my final TMA (08) for A214 back. And, it was the big non-substitutable, worth-24%-of-the-coursework, you’ve-gotta-have-this-one-or-you-fail assignment. It’s been a month since the final exam, and nearly 2 months since … finish reading “TMA anxiety”

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Exam nerves!

I’ve got my exam for A214 tomorrow morning. Um. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! Also, I have a cold. Lovely. Still, hopefully I’ll be feeling a bit more with it tomorrow. And if I’m not? Well, hopefully I’ll still do well enough to pass, … finish reading “Exam nerves!”

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Just back from Summer School

Just back from my OU Summer School – had the most excellent time! So this is a shout out to my fellow A214-ers, just in case any of them happen to wander this way. :-) See, I made it home … finish reading “Just back from Summer School”

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