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It’s my Blogoversary

It’s my blogoversary today – eleven whole years since I started this blog!  It’s gone through some changes in that time, of course.  Webby tech has advanced and all that.  And of course I haven’t been able to blog steadily … finish reading “It’s my Blogoversary”

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A decade of blogging

I very nearly forgot altogether, but yesterday was my “blogoversary”.  The tenth anniversary of starting this blog, in fact. It doesn’t feel like ten years, but then there have been some years where I’ve barely blogged at all, or at … finish reading “A decade of blogging”

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On Giving In Gracefully

So, back in March I made some bloggy resolutions about what I intended to do for weekly posting goals.  Obviously, I haven’t kept those up… and then I started feeling like I was in catch-up mode all the time with … finish reading “On Giving In Gracefully”

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Project 365, attempt no.2!

Well, I was going to do the Friday 5, but I’m getting a 500 error from the site, so I’ll have to try again later. And in the mean time, I’ll post something else I’ve been meaning to get to – my Project 365 photos. This is my second attempt at this – stuff got in the way so I tailed off last year and didn’t finish it properly. So, here I go again. [Click through to see the rest of this] Continue reading

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Crosspost testing pt2

Testing the Live+Press WordPress to Livejournal crossposter… Once again, this post may be deleted. Or may not! Oh, the suspense of it.

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Crosspost testing pt1

Testing the LJXP WordPress to Livejournal crossposter… (this post will self-destruct in 3,2,1…*) *may be deleted v soon

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Bloggy Resolutions

This is a bit of a strange time to be doing this, since I’m about to import the whole blog to a new system, and who knows what will happen… but I’ve decided to make those blog resolutions that I … finish reading “Bloggy Resolutions”

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Oh, hi, Happy New Year!

And…. oops! I completely gave in to the Dreaded Lurgy, and failed to keep up with my BloPoMo challenge. D’oh! I did make 22 entries (23 including this one) though, so that’s ¾ of it achieved at least. Yep, let’s … finish reading “Oh, hi, Happy New Year!”

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Future changes…

I’ve spent most of today playing around with the new version (2.7) of WordPress with a view to moving this site and blog over to using it in the new year. I love it! I liked the previous versions, but … finish reading “Future changes…”

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Carnival time!

It’s carnival week again, and I’m excited. Whee! I know it’s daft, but it does make me feel like I’m little again and it’s the summer holidays. *g* Not only that, but the Olympics starts technically-today (I’m going to bed … finish reading “Carnival time!”

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Lesson Learned

Note to self: do not turn a sock heel late at night while watching telly and not counting properly. It will only end lopsidedly! Ah well, back I go! This is, by the way, the third pair of socks for … finish reading “Lesson Learned”

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Testing Blog It crossposting…

So, after much faffing around, lets see if this really works. Can I post to both my blog and LJ (and Twitter, and the FB feed or status, not sure which yet)? And if so, hi LJ! I’m back!! Well, … finish reading “Testing Blog It crossposting…”

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Fixed it!

Mostly ;-) But the point is, bloggy service is restored, and the comments should be working again as well. I’m not sure where the Typekey authentication part has gone to, but I’m going to look into that tomorrow. This whole … finish reading “Fixed it!”

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OK, alright. I broke it. But now I’m tired and it’s Friday night, so normal blog service will resume (I hope) over the weekend. Right now I’m off to chill out with either a book and some music, or a … finish reading “Argh”

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Shiny newness

There’s something new around here. What could it be? *g* Nothing all that exciting actually, except a little bit to me in a geeky way: I finally got around to upgrading to Movable Type 4.1. Which is nice. You can’t … finish reading “Shiny newness”

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