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P is for Projects

I had a sudden bout of startitis today (the urge to cast on new knitting projects) but I’ve managed to restrain myself!  Why did I do that?  Well, for the last… oh, good while, I’ve been resolved to finish the … finish reading “P is for Projects”

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Spin spin spin

Today is 4th July, which means it’s the start of the Tour de France for this year, and therefore also the Tour de Fleece.  (I understand the date also has some link with Americans blowing up aliens with fireworks, but … finish reading “Spin spin spin”

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Pentathlon sock #5

Since most of what I’m knitting right now is shhhhh, secret, here: have a photo of something I can show you! It’s my fifth and final pair for the sock knitters’ pentathlon. Currently on temporary hold while I finish the … finish reading “Pentathlon sock #5”

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Carnival time!

It’s carnival week again, and I’m excited. Whee! I know it’s daft, but it does make me feel like I’m little again and it’s the summer holidays. *g* Not only that, but the Olympics starts technically-today (I’m going to bed … finish reading “Carnival time!”

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Rebel rebel

My second pair of socks for the Pentathlon is underway. For this one, I think the main challenge is in the preparation (there was confusion over which translated version of the pattern and which chart was most accurate), and since … finish reading “Rebel rebel”

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A yarny blind date

I’ve signed up for the Sock Knitter’s Pentathlon (for which there are Ravelry and Yahoo groups) because, well, I liked the look of it. The group summary goes: In honor of the upcoming Summer Olympics in Beijing, a sock knitter’s … finish reading “A yarny blind date”

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SP11 Package #3 – at last!

Due to mania, server crash and my sieve-like memory, I hadn’t posted my final SP11 package squee-ing. So here it is now. I did mention on 3rd December that I’d received it, but that was as far as I got. … finish reading “SP11 Package #3 – at last!”

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Project 365 #1 – Day 1-6: 10th – 15th Jan

I mentioned in my last post that I was thinking about doing Project 365. A couple of days later I decided that if I was going to do it, then I’d better just start before I started thinking about it … finish reading “Project 365 #1 – Day 1-6: 10th – 15th Jan”

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It was. Only. A dream!

Sitting on the bus this afternoon, I suddenly remembered a dream I’d had last night. In which my skeins of sock yarn were just so irresistibly yummy that I just had to chew on them*. Nom nom nom! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn!!! This … finish reading “It was. Only. A dream!”

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Autumnal Spring Cleaning

I’ve been having a really good clear-out over the last few weeks, and I’m starting to feel less mentally cluttered as well already. I’ve even eBayed more of my yarn. I know! Can I really be breaking my hoarding mentality? … finish reading “Autumnal Spring Cleaning”

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Tête à Fetching

I finished my Tête à Fetching – woohoo! Here’s the project info: Pattern: Tête à Fetching by Me (inspired by Cheryl Niamath’s Fetching gloves, from the Summer 06 Knitty). Yarn: Posh Yarn Sophia 6-ply (100% cashmere) in Mute – approx. … finish reading “Tête à Fetching”

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Hi, my name is…

…and I’m a yarnaholic. Although when I follow that analogy through, perhaps it’s not quite accurate. Because it’s not my actual consumption of yarn that’s the issue. No, it’s that like many many knitters I have a little tiny stash … finish reading “Hi, my name is…”

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Three Needle Bind-off: sort of how-to.

Gina left me a comment asking how the three needle bind-off was done (I’d been talking about it, if you can’t be bothered to click back to the post), so I dropped her a mail hopefully explaining how it worked. … finish reading “Three Needle Bind-off: sort of how-to.”

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Brain: unravelled.

Ravelry has completely eaten my brain. And my life. LJ went down the other day, and I totally didn’t notice. I used to live on that site. Not any more!! Seriously, it’s because I’m going through all the setting up … finish reading “Brain: unravelled.”

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I just found out, via the Posh Knitters group, that if you’re waiting for your Ravelry invite you can now check your status in the queue on their site. So I did! And…. “Found you! * You signed up on … finish reading “Ravelry”

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