Project 365 #1 – Day 1-6: 10th – 15th Jan

I mentioned in my last post that I was thinking about doing Project 365. A couple of days later I decided that if I was going to do it, then I’d better just start before I started thinking about it too much. So I did.

Which means that I will, all going well, be posting a photograph for every day from 10th January 2008 to 9th January 2009. I’m planning to make a post every five days or so. In actual fact, I might post more than one photo for some days – this is to stop myself getting mired in indecision! I’ve set up a specific folder in the photo album for the set of photos to go in, as well. I won’t be putting them on Flickr or adding them to any group sets there, though I have joined the Ravelry group for 365-ers, and I’m intending to join the webring.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling on the theory. On to the photos (click ’em for the full size versions):

Day 1 – 10th Jan 08
Project 365 photo from 10/01/08
This is me trying to take a decent modelled photo of the socks my lovely SP11 pal, Janey, made me. Tucking my jeans up? Oh dear, won’t be trying that again! Don’t worry Janey, I think I managed to get a better view in the end! Also, look (you might need to click through to the full size pic): among the mess in the background are my faithful DMs, the box for my shiny new webcam (xmas pressie), and the bookshelf that I have my back to when I’m at the computer. Can you see the wee dye-cast TARDIS on the top? *unashamed fangirl*

Day 2 – 11th Jan
Project 365 photo from 11/01/08
Xandermog, faaaaaast asleep on the sofa. Awww :-) See, I said this would all be yarn / knitting and cat pics, didn’t I?

Day 3 – 12th Jan
Project 365 photo from 12/01/08
This is actually fairly indicative of my day. See, I was all ready to go out: I had all my stuff in my bag to go to Knit & Natter, and here are my shoes ready and waiting to be put on. Only, they stayed right there. I came over kind of woozy and didn’t go anywhere at all. Bah.
This pic also gives you an idea of the layout of some of my living room: it’s a pretty large room, so I have it kind of split up into areas. I took the pic from the doorway, so you can see through to the computer, and also the back of the sofa which makes a division into the ‘telly / music’ bit.

Day 4 – 13th Jan
Project 365 photo from 13/01/08
Ah yes, the reason for the previous day’s wooziness. The oncoming storm. “Hi I can’t sleep and everything is HYSTERICALLY FUNNY!!!!” mania. I would say I was five, except even at five years old I was generally a serious child with my nose in a book. On the plus side here, I wrote it down on this mood diary sheet and later recorded it on the chart thingy I have, and I was able to be online and talk to some friends, which grounded me somewhat until I came over tired enough that I conked out. (Taken w/ the webcam)

Day 5 – 14th Jan
Project 365 photo no.1 from 14/01/08
I was still riding the mania, but I had had some sleep during the day and I’d come down enough that I could be productive… although I wasn’t able to actually make a decision about what to do! Luckily, my friend suggested that if I wasn’t going to be able to sleep that night, I should use the time and sort out my paperwork. So I did! This is me about half done. About 2/3 of the paper ended up in the recycling (orange bag) – hoorah!

Project 365 photo no.2 from 14/01/08
OH NOES PAPERCUT!!!! See, sorting through all that paper has its dangers. I sliced myself right on the web of the thumb, and it kept pulling as I was still sorting stuff out, so I needed to bung a plaster over it… and of course, the only one I could find was this unnecessarily large thing. Typical.

Day 6 – 15th Jan
Project 365 photo no.1 from 15/01/08
Once I’d sorted the paperwork, it all got neatly filed away. Isn’t that nice? Although, this photo also tells you what a packrat I am. There’s still all my stuff from uni in there, for heaven’s sake. And in fact, that Tigger folder was my school folder when I was doing GCSEs. Oh dear…

Project 365 photo no.2 from 15/01/08
Of course, I can’t do anything without the mog coming to check up on me. Dreadful nosy beast! (And, why yes, that is the box for a Laser Screwdriver down there on the right. The bro gave me one for Christmas to go with the Sonic Screwdriver he got me a couple of years back. Hee! (See above re. *unashamed fangirl*) Mmmm, John Simm.)

Project 365 photo no.3 from 15/01/08
Really, he’s a very good cat, but his one main vice is shredding my furniture. And walls. Quite often while pretending he’s not really doing it at all (hence him not looking at the door or me in this pic). *sigh* And while he hasn’t shredded the inside of this cupboard door, he’s now decided that the outside of it is his new favourite scratching post…. :-/

And that’s that for now. Next five days coming soon…

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