I Am Seven!

Oh hey, I nearly forgot! It’s my Blogoversary today – seven years, can you believe it? Not that I’ve been ‘active’ the whole time, but when I haven’t been here I’ve generally been on my Livejournal, so I have actually been blogging away ever since January 2001.

So anyhow, thanks to Ornery’s Wife and Marsha who both stopped by with blogoversary wishes. I appreciate it!

I would wonder if this is when I should expect the seven year itch to set in, but I’ve been a terrible, unfaithful blogger this whole time: going from Blogger to Greymatter and now to Movable Type, platform-wise. And let’s not even talk about my ongoing flirtation with WordPress, and my mad affair with Livejournal. Tut tut tut! But while LJ might be my virtual social and fandom hang-out (it’s the whole friends-list thing, you see), I reckon I’ll always come back to this blog, because ….it’s home. *cue cheesy music* ;-) And, you know, on my own server and personal domain name and all that stuff.

For some reason, even though I started my LJ less than a year after this, it feels like I’ve had this blog a lot longer. Perhaps because even after I’d started the LJ, I still mainly used this until my manager at work told me off for mentioning people at work in it. Perhaps because I’ve had the domain itself since about ’99. Whatever it is, I’m glad I still kept this blog up even when I wasn’t using it, so that it was here for me to return to now that I have my knitting to ramble on about. Yep. Seven years. That’s a good number.

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  1. Hee, thank you! Oh, but think of all the fabulous stuff you’ve turned out in that year! I’ve had an awful lot of utter randomness in this thing. But trust me, once you pass that first one-year-mark, the rest just flies by.

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