Christmas prep

I’m in the middle of getting everything ready for Christmas.  Actually, I feel that I’m doing quite well.  I’ve done all my shopping except for a couple of small things (and I know what those are and where I’ll get them).  Now I’m just waiting on a couple of deliveries, and of course finishing the things that I’m making myself.  I think I’m doing alright on those too, luckily, so there shouldn’t be any last minute panics.  Hooray!

Because all I’ve been working on recently are the Christmas things, I don’t have any pictures to post in case someone comes across this.  Well, maybe this one:

Shhh - secret projects on the go!And now I’m going back to the Christmas crafting.  TTFN!

Pentathlon sock #5

Since most of what I’m knitting right now is shhhhh, secret, here: have a photo of something I can show you! It’s my fifth and final pair for the sock knitters’ pentathlon. Currently on temporary hold while I finish the presents I have to do, but I should get it done by the end of the month with no problem.

Photo of Sock Pentathlon pair #5 in progress

Pattern: Summer Olympics Medals Socks 2008 by FrauHugs [Ravlink]
Yarn: Posh Yarn Lei in Drizzle
Needles: 2.5mm, 80cm circulars (Addi Turbo)
Ravelry Project Page: Pentathlon Pair #5

(Almost) too… tired…. to…. blog

If I hadn’t decided to do this BloPoMo personal challenge, I wouldn’t be blogging right now. I’d probably be sleeeeeeeeeeeping. But if I gave in and let myself have a break ‘just for today’, then I most likely wouldn’t post again tomorrow either, and so on. So I’m cracking the mental whip! I can take 15 minutes to write something… even if it’s not very coherent. *g*

I’ve actually been pretty tired all day today… but I did manage to remember not to dawdle on the internets, and I got a reasonable amount of Christmas knitting done. Which I can’t talk about, you know, just in case. But I spose I can say that two of the things are relatively small and hopefully quick knits (or they won’t get done in time!) that I’ve actually only swatched for so far, and the third is a much larger and more fiddly project that I’ve been working on for some time… but again also might not be finished in time. Ah well. As far as that one’s concerned, if it takes a bit longer, then it takes longer. I’m getting there at least.

Plan for tomorrow: write cards, post cards, have lunch at C House, knit, knit, knit!

Kill’d by shopping.

I’ve been Christmas shopping today, and now I’m utterly wiped out. Zzzzzzzz!

However, I did manage to make some progress on my christmas prep, as listed out yesterday:

  • Write christmas card list (e-cards and tangible ones)
  • Buy cards and stamps (tomorrow).
  • Write and send out cards of both types.
  • Work out budget for presents (tomorrow when Mum comes over).
  • Go present shopping – both online (asap) and IRL (w/ Mum tomorrow, prob also later this week).
  • Put up tree and decorate.
  • Knit like there’s no tomorrow (I’m not doing many knitted presents this year, but there are a couple I want to get done).

And as it happens, I actually managed to get pretty much everything present-wise today. There’s just the online shopping to do, and maybe a couple of other bits, and then I’m done. Well, I have to shop for the present that Mum is getting me (awesome boots), but I might have to go further afield. Still, I haven’t looked in that shop in the old town yet. I’m more likely to find something I like there, at least… but I might leave it until sale time. We shall see.

In the mean time, I think the next most important things are writing and posting the cards (and presents!) that need to go, and getting on with the knitting! So since I need some level of concentration for that, I’ll be off to bed now. With a reminder to myself not to loiter on the internets all day tomorrow, cos I have other things to do. Maybe I should stick a post-it note on my monitor with a reminder?…

Crimble Prep!

Hah, only the second day of my resolution, and I nearly forgot to post. Well done, me. And now of course I can’t think of anything to post about, even though I had lots of ideas for things to write about yesterday. Typical!

Maybe I’ll talk about crimble prep… of which I have done absolute none so far, other than writing that list of the people I’m going to get presents for. Therefore, I have Things To Do:

  • Write christmas card list (e-cards and tangible ones)
  • Buy cards and stamps (tomorrow).
  • Write and send out cards of both types.
  • Work out budget for presents (tomorrow when Mum comes over).
  • Go present shopping – both online (asap) and IRL (w/ Mum tomorrow, prob also later this week).
  • Put up tree and decorate.
  • Knit like there’s no tomorrow (I’m not doing many knitted presents this year, but there are a couple I want to get done).

I think that’s about it… or everything urgent, anyway. Obviously there will need to be present wrapping in there as well. Eventually. Probably on Christmas Eve….

At least this year, I do have a budget to spend on presents. Or a more comfortable one than last year – since Mum has been acting as a sort of overseer to make sure I don’t have any more mania-fueled spending sprees, my finances aren’t so strained. Hooray! In fact, what my budget for Christmas will be is something she’ll help me work out, and knowing that I have agreed amounts for spending really helps me keep to those limits. Yes, I could decide on my own how much to spend, but I’d be bound to go way over the top. If there’s someone else I have to account for that to, it keeps me from going too crazy. There you go, that’s your thrilling life-with-bipolar fact of the day. I can theoretically work out budgets and accounts and whatever with no problem, but practically speaking it all goes out the window as soon as I see something SHINY! And oh yes, that so counts pretty pretty sock yarn. Or any other kind of yarn. Or DVDs, or books, or…. ;-) So since I’m twice as bad with that when buying for others rather than myself, a Christmas budget agreed with Mum is definitely needed to keep me within reasonable limits.

And do you know, because of that I’m rather looking forward to doing the Christmas shopping. :-) It feels so much safer this way… kind of like rock climbing while knowing that you have a harness on and someone belaying you at the bottom. It used to be much more like falling off a very high cliff (possibly while drunk) – complete with the horrible dropping sensation in my stomach! Not that I’ve ever fallen off a cliff, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, I’m not sure why I got onto that, but maybe I’ll write some more about manic spending and so on another time. It’s one of the more common things that happens with bipolar. But now I’m tired and this post is long enough, so I think I’ll be off to bed. Thar be shopping to be done tomorrow, after all!


  1. I’ve had THE most awesome final / “reveal” package from my SP11 pal, Janey. THANK YOU JANEY! :-D I shall write more and post pics later. And email Janey to gush a lot. Yes.
  2. Due to Circumstances Beyond My Control, I haven’t been able to send out my own final SP11 parcel to Katie yet. Argh. Actually, it looks like I won’t be able to get hold of one thing I was looking for anyway, so I guess I’ll have to give up and get it sent asap. Although asap might have to be next week, the way things are looking. I reiterate: argh! Sorry, Katie :-/
  3. It’s a year today that I was in that car accident (my car was hit). Therefore, a year since I last drove, since after that (a) my poor car was squished, and (b) I was put on meds that mean I’m medically disqualified from having a licence. Which in turn means I’ve got a free bus pass, so it’s not all bad.
  4. I was kind of under the weather again last week. Mainly, I’m annoyed. I have things to do! Therefore, I’m now running around like a… crazy running around thing. Pick your metaphor. Off to the shops soon. Hey, fresh air! That’ll be novel.
  5. Site revamp still not done. Well, it is. I just haven’t applied it to the actual site and uploaded it yet. Yeah, not done.
  6. What with the not-well thing, I haven’t got as much knitting done as I’d like, either. I do at least have one FO, but everything else that’s Christmas knitting? Um, not yet. Must knit faster.
  7. I have sorted out pretty much everything (I think!) that I’m going to destash, however. Looong post all about that coming v soon.
  8. Xandermog is poking me in the leg with his sharp pointy toes. Owwwww.
  9. Aaaaaaaaaand the child upstairs seems to be banging something echo-y and metal on the floor. Oh, someone please make it stop!
  10. I might just be having a bit of a manic Monday (haha, oh dear). Shall have to watch myself, and try to do some relaxing stuff once I’ve got the must-do things out of the way. Note to self: breathe.

Autumnal Spring Cleaning

I’ve been having a really good clear-out over the last few weeks, and I’m starting to feel less mentally cluttered as well already. I’ve even eBayed more of my yarn. I know! Can I really be breaking my hoarding mentality? Well, no, not if you look at my bookshelves (MY books *clings*) and, uh, the remainder of my yarn stash. Not to mention the contents of my wardrobe and drawers… and a couple of suitcases… However, I am going to eBay some more stuff. Not yarn this time (although I might be able to persuade myself to part with a couple more skeins), but things like my spare Palm cradle (never used) and serial cable (not used since approx 3 computer upgrades ago)… oh, and I’m sure there are some other things. I have also sorted out more clothes and knick-knacks etc to go off to the charity shop. I think I still have more to do there, though!

Unfortunately, I’ve been a bit stalled on the whole thing because I’m still ill. Bleuch. I left the flat yesterday for the first time in about 2 weeks (alright, maybe my mental health hasn’t been ideal: being stuck indoors ill was threatening to push me into a ‘down’, but I think I’ve caught it in time) because I had to go to the Post Office, and stopped in to speak to the pharmacist on the way. She reckons I have bronchitis or a chest infection, and what with being asthmatic already, I’ve been told to go to the doctor tout de suite. I know, I know, I should have gone a week ago. I am Procrastination Woman. In this case, that’s particularly stupid of me since it means I’ve been propped at a weird angle in bed for several days since I can neither sit/stand up or lay down normally and breathe comfortably. V annoying. Oh well. I have an appointment this afternoon. I’ll be fixed soon. On the plus side, this whole thing seems to have sorted out my insomnia / wonky body-clock thing that I had going on: I’m now tired / sleeping during the actual night again, instead of being awake all night and tired or asleep all day. Hoorah!

In knitting news, I have got some work done on my WIPs. I really must remember to make a couple of posts about my current WIPs and recently completed FOs to spring-clean that off my mental to-do list. Mainly I’ve been working on “Mmm, Refreshers”, which is a Christmas gift. Can’t say anything else about it in case the recipient trundles over here. You never know with my friends and family *peers around suspiciously*. I’ve also done a bit of “WFS” (likewise, Christmas), and some of my Fireworks socks… which are for me me me, so there. Obviously I finished my Tête à Fetching (wore it when I went out yesterday), and I’m really chuffed with the response – some people have said they like it and want to make it, it’s in a few queues (and one in-progress!) on Ravelry, and I even got a really lovely comment from Cheryl Niamath who designed the Fetching gloves. :-) I’ll get the scarf pattern written up soon-ish as well, but I want to make a wider version of it for Mum first. Once I’ve finished something else, that is.

I actually think my WIP tolerance has been reached. If I cast on one more project, my head would explode. I can cope, just about, with the number I have going at once right now (8 plus 3 in hibernation) because I have a definite Christmas deadline for, um, three of them. Although I have at least two more things I wanted to cast on for gift knitting as well. Oh dear. But I’m not going to think about that now! The thing is, those gift knits are the ones which are taking priority, and the rest are pushed to the back-burner. Some more than others – I’m still working on my various pairs of socks (for me) every now and again, to give myself a break. It seems to be working. But anyway, like I said, I’ll make a proper all-about-my-WIPs post a bit later.

I didn’t find my gloves, by the way. So far I’ve been wearing my Fetchings or my Hurry Up Spring fingerless ones, but I’ve wound a skein of Yarn Yard Merino sock into a ball to make some new ones – I think I’m going to make cabled ones with that. And I did crumble and get ones of the glove kits, so I’m going to make a pair with that too.

Photo of Yarn Yard Merino Sock yarn 'Damson' Photo of Yarn Yard Glove kit yarn 'Olive-ish'

Yay, gloves! I’m not allowing myself to cast on for them until I’ve finished a couple of my current WIPs, though. Preferably the Christmas gift ones, since those have a deadline!

Hmm, was there anything else I was going to say? I can’t think… oh! I remember. I found a (the) Holiday Gift KAL-CAL. Just what I wanted! I have duly signed myself up. Um. Oh yes, and I’ve been working on my next (final? I’m not sure if I’ll be sending one more package or if I’ll split it into two – Katie, do you have any preferences?) SP11 package. Mwahaha. Etc. ;-)

Right, that’s enough being upright for me for the time being. I’m going back to bed for a bit to listen to the radio / podcasts while knitting, then I shall get up again, have foooood, and get myself off to the doctor’s. TTFN!

OMG ded (sic)

Woah, I’m exhausted. Feeling a little bit spacey here, I can tell you. The four-year-old who lives upstairs from me is allergic to sleeping all night long, and I keep getting woken up by loud thumps. The crying I could sleep through – it’s the intermittent bangs on the ceiling that do it. Nothing I can do about it, though, except be glad I’m not one of her parents! And possibly invest in some earplugs next time I’m at the chemist…

That’s not the only reason I’m knackered, though. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in php, and learning all about WordPress. Which have been fun, but once I start getting into the code and stuff, I forget to stop for, oh, food and breaks, etc etc. What, it’s absorbing! I’m not going to be changing this site to WP – it took me long enough fiddling about getting MT how I like it, and if I went and changed to another blogging system I’d only spend a million years prodding the back end (my Mum thinks that sounds bad, but I have no other way to describe it) and not making any posts. Again! So this site is staying as it is. However, WP is a useful thing to know how to use, and it all meshes in nicely with the PHP I’ve been learning. Hoorah!

So my brain is a little frazzled from several days intense work at that. Good thing I’ve had my knitting to wind me down! I’ve started the two larger items of my Christmas knitting (and the other two I have planned aren’t definite anyway) but I spose I can’t talk about them here just in case. D’oh. I’ve also been working on the other projects that I started recently… that I still haven’t mentioned on here, but deserve their own post when I’m less tired! I really need to make posts for my finished items too. Although actually, I can’t post one thing because it’s for SP11. Oh well, eventually!

Talking of SP11, that’s the other reason I’m tiiiiired. Sort of. I went into town and shopped! Partly for SP things, and partly for other stuff that I’d been needing. I also bumped into C, which was nice cos I hadn’t seen her for ages. And, um. Um.

Losing… ability… to… words… together… string….

if(eyes!=open && brain==ded) {
function init(goToBed)
} else {
function init(CAFFEINE)

Yup. Think that covers it. *thud*

FOs: “BP”, and Sirdar Snuggly baby jumper.

Hoorah, I’ve actually finished “BP” and the Sirdar Snuggly intarsia kitty-face baby jumper. And since they’ve now been wrapped and given as birthday presents to my friend C and her little boy respectively, I can reveal that BP is in fact a variation on the Coleen cropped cardigan from Magknits. Basically, I used different yarn, and knit it in two colours rather than just the one. Mainly because I wasn’t quite sure that I had enough of any one colour in the yarn to knit the whole thing. I’m pretty sure I would have run short if I’d tried. As it is, I really like the way it turned out.
The Sirdar baby jumper (pattern #1668) was knit exactly to pattern, other than using a different main colour than shown on the pattern leaflet. Oh, and I also didn’t seam all the way up the neck, but added a button and a crochet chain button-loop so that it wouldn’t be too tight for getting on and off.
I took photos before I wrapped them up, so I’ll upload and post those tomorrow. They were both very well received, and C was lovely enough to appreciate the time-and-care factor of me having made the presents for them. :-)
Now I’m off to bed, and to continue resisting the new Harry Potter book. It can wait til tomorrow! Sleep is more important! Really, it is. Am I convincing anyone yet?…

The birds and the beasts were there

Still no pictures (must get around to that by the end of the week), but I’ve cast on my second Monkey sock. Which means that, yes, BP is done. Um, almost. Alright, I’ve sewn on the second sleeve, and done the edging (which was a billionty stitches). All that actually needs doing now is for me to sew in the final two ends (on said edging), wash and block it, and sew the button on. Hoorah! Maybe tomorrow, then. Oh, and I was going to sew a little label in it, too. Must find those.
Other than that, I have (oops) totally fallen off the yarn wagon. I know, I’m bad. But I haven’t bought anything that I don’t have a project in mind for. In fact, I’ve bought sock yarn. So, more socks! Socks are good. And I have plenty of sock patterns (I love you, Knitty and Magknits! You enable me so!) that I’m dying to knit, so it all works out.
Actually, some of the sock yarn is going to be those typing gloves I mentioned. Since we have winter in July, and everything. Brr!
But before I start on those, I must get back to finishing up my WIPs (including the kitty jumper I’ve got done but for the sewing that’s for a certain small person), and working on that there Monkey. You know, if I had more DPNs, I could knit more pairs of socks at once…. *cough*

Too busy to knit!

I’ve been so mad busy over the last few days, I haven’t even had time to knit. And I want to! I want to be knitting my Monkey sock, or swatching for the fingerless ‘typing gloves’ I’m planning, or starting that cardigan… or hey, maybe the other one! Or the jumper! Or even *cough* sewing the second sleeve onto BP and picking up the stitches to finish that off at last. (I have now developed a fear of blocking that project… interestingly this only started worrying me once the seaming and sleeve setting went off without a hitch. Do I have a general finishing phobia here? Am I afraid to let my babies go off into the big wide world?)
Still, I’m off to pick my friend up from Heathrow tomorrow – that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been so rushed off my feet. So I’ll have about 3 hours on the train to knit away on my lovely Monkey sock and listen to podcasts. I’m rather looking forward to it!

“BP” and the Three Needle Bind-off (part two)

'BP' preview: click for larger image I’m now at the very last stages of “BP”. So here’s a little preview of it, since I can’t put up any proper in progress pictures, just in case. I’ve done the edging for the sleeves, the button I was waiting for has arrived – and yay, it’s perfect. All that’s left is the weaving in, sewing up, and then the main edging, which I’m now quite happy about tackling. Having done the sleeve edging, I know that going up a needle size for the different yarn is the way to go. See, these things all work out in the end!
Anyway, I did make a decision on the three-needle bind off, and it was actually largely from necessity. BP was knit on 3.5mm needles, and I realised that, oh, I only have the one set of those. Not even a circular or DPN extra. So I had to use a size up for the third needle, and I think it came out very well. Hoorah! It was a bit fiddly to start with, getting the stitch back through both loops, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn’t so bad at all. Must remember to take a picture of how the seam came out.