Christmas prep

I’m in the middle of getting everything ready for Christmas.  Actually, I feel that I’m doing quite well.  I’ve done all my shopping except for a couple of small things (and I know what those are and where I’ll get them).  Now I’m just waiting on a couple of deliveries, and of course finishing the things that I’m making myself.  I think I’m doing alright on those too, luckily, so there shouldn’t be any last minute panics.  Hooray!

Because all I’ve been working on recently are the Christmas things, I don’t have any pictures to post in case someone comes across this.  Well, maybe this one:

Shhh - secret projects on the go!And now I’m going back to the Christmas crafting.  TTFN!

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5 Responses to Christmas prep

  1. Sarah says:

    Your kitty is very cute!!

    Stay warm and cozy this winter!!

    Happy Holidays and Happy ICLW

  2. Annissa says:

    Feeling accomplished is amazing :) Good job on getting stuff done you wanted to!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL Holiday Season :)

    Happy ICLW from #37 and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  3. Rochelle says:

    We have very similar looking kitties! Ours is Dexter and he does lots and lots of sleeping, in fact, that’s what he’s doing right now. I did some Christmas crafting this year to give home made gifts and for ornament swaps and absolutely loved it. It will definitely be a new tradition. Hope you had an amazing day and that 2011 brings lots of joy! Tons of love from ICLW #110!

  4. Bobbie says:

    I love your blog, I’m trying to learn to knit and this is giving me so many blogs for inspiration. I can’t wait to be able to give all my family hand knitted things next year for Christmas (even if it’s just plain scarves as I think I’m a slow learner when it comes to hand eye coordination lol)


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