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Christmas prep

I’m in the middle of getting everything ready for Christmas.  Actually, I feel that I’m doing quite well.  I’ve done all my shopping except for a couple of small things (and I know what those are and where I’ll get … finish reading “Christmas prep”

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All Hands on Deck

I haven’t blogged much recently because I’ve been knitting.  Which means I don’t have enough hands to type at the same time!  I should at least be mostly done with the things I’m knitting as Christmas presents.  Ahem.  I might … finish reading “All Hands on Deck”

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Crimble Shopping

Yesterday, I went Christmas shopping with the family in Canterbury.  I had some kind of idea in my head that I’d blitz through and buy presents for everyone.  Uh, no.  I managed to buy cards, wrapping paper… and a new … finish reading “Crimble Shopping”

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Ten Days to Go

You know, I haven’t counted down to Christmas like this since I was little. It’s only because I’m doing this blog thing and it’s making me more aware of the days passing! Anyway, I have re-organised and updated my list … finish reading “Ten Days to Go”

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Kill’d by shopping.

I’ve been Christmas shopping today, and now I’m utterly wiped out. Zzzzzzzz! However, I did manage to make some progress on my christmas prep, as listed out yesterday: Write christmas card list (e-cards and tangible ones) Buy cards and stamps … finish reading “Kill’d by shopping.”

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