All Hands on Deck

I haven’t blogged much recently because I’ve been knitting.  Which means I don’t have enough hands to type at the same time!  I should at least be mostly done with the things I’m knitting as Christmas presents.  Ahem.  I might be completely done, who knows?  I probably would have been fine, but Mum asked me for mittens which I then had to factor in… and it all went a little bit wonky.  Not too much though.

Other than present knitting, I’ve finished my gloves (pictures soon), done a bit of spinning at the 1066 Spinners group, and of course have been Christmas shopping.  There’s an open air ice rink in town for the festive season, so Jo and I are hoping to go down there at some point.  Although it’s just started snowing today, so I spose it depends how bad that gets.  I also did an hour of carolling at the local hospital last night with choir.  I really love singing carols, so that was lots of fun.  Even though I did have to stand in the front row where people can – oh no!!! – see me!  Happily for my ridiculous stage fright, most people didn’t stop and stare: we were in the foyer, so the majority of the people just passed through.

Anyway, I’d better go and have dinner before KnitJam tonight.  I’m sure there was something else I was planning to blog about, but I’m sure it’ll come back to me.  If not, it probably wasn’t important!

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8 thoughts on “All Hands on Deck”

    1. It was lovely – I haven’t done it for years! I’ve been wondering if maybe next year I’ll be able to find a group of likeminded people to do some more, perhaps to residential homes or the local hospice.

      Thanks for dropping by!

    1. You never know, it might click with you one day – I never believed I’d ever be able to do anything remotely crafty and now look at me! ;-)

      Merry Christmas to you *and* your knitting Grandma!

  1. You are SO LUCKY.

    I have zero time to knit. My eyes are giving out on me given I am nearly 48. I have tons of WIPs and well, they will sit until the boys are in school. I have twin sons via surrogacy and it takes up all my time, including homeschooing the dude and duder (who are 20 mos old).

    Bless you and yours for the hols, ICLW!!!!!

    1. Wow, I think you can be forgiven for having a good WIP pile – twin sons must be wonderful but exhausting! And the great thing about knitting is, it’ll always be there whenever you have time to come back to it :-)

      Have a lovely Christmas time :-)

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