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Knitting meme, redux

I’m nicking this idea from Welshmillie – I also did this back in May ’07, so it’s fun to see what changes there are since then. The meme says: “Edit the list, bold for stuff you’ve done, italics for stuff … finish reading “Knitting meme, redux”

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Z is for Zips

Even though I haven’t started sewing up the Menace jumper [Ravlink] yet, I’ve been thinking about the other Unfinished Object that’s been sitting around for ages and ages, and that’s my Chunky Zipped Jacket [Ravlink] which is knit from Sirdar … finish reading “Z is for Zips”

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Conquering entrelac

Or so far… not.  Heeeeelp!  I’ve been going backwards and forwards on the first half-inch (the setup triangles) of the entrelac sock pattern that is the second pair for this year’s Sock Knitter’s Pentathlon.  I was getting great big gappy … finish reading “Conquering entrelac”

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Casting off and on again

I’ve been working away on Christmas presents again today, and I got to the casting off part. Only I managed to do it too tightly the first time. D’oh! So I dug out some online tutorials to help me decide … finish reading “Casting off and on again”

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Project 365 #8, Days 52-67: 1st – 16th March

Stiiiiiiiill catching up: here are days 52 to 67 of my Project 365 photos – the first half of March. I’m going to post them in chunks of half a month at a time until I get caught up, now. … finish reading “Project 365 #8, Days 52-67: 1st – 16th March”

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SP11 Package #3 – at last!

Due to mania, server crash and my sieve-like memory, I hadn’t posted my final SP11 package squee-ing. So here it is now. I did mention on 3rd December that I’d received it, but that was as far as I got. … finish reading “SP11 Package #3 – at last!”

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Project 365 #2, Day 7-11: 16th – 20th Jan

Here are the next five days of my Project 365 photos. If you want to see all the photos so far, click on the Project 365 category link, or check out the Project 365 folder in the photo album. On … finish reading “Project 365 #2, Day 7-11: 16th – 20th Jan”

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Three Needle Bind-off: sort of how-to.

Gina left me a comment asking how the three needle bind-off was done (I’d been talking about it, if you can’t be bothered to click back to the post), so I dropped her a mail hopefully explaining how it worked. … finish reading “Three Needle Bind-off: sort of how-to.”

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“BP” and the Three Needle Bind-off (part two)

I’m now at the very last stages of “BP”. So here’s a little preview of it, since I can’t put up any proper in progress pictures, just in case. I’ve done the edging for the sleeves, the button I was … finish reading ““BP” and the Three Needle Bind-off (part two)”

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The Three-needle bind off

I should be going to bed. Instead, I’m contemplating the three needle bind off. Or cast off. I can’t even remember which is the British term and which is the American any more. The internet homogenises us all! Anyway. The … finish reading “The Three-needle bind off”

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