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NaBloPoMo Success!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay, I won!  Well, I passed the finishing line, having posted every day this month – and this time without a meme to help me along.  Woohoo!  I am ver’ ver’ proud of myself. Thank you very much. In weather … finish reading “NaBloPoMo Success!”

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Snowy weather

Well, the snow is definitely here now – when I woke up yesterday there was a white blanket of it outside, and although it did melt up at my Mum’s house, it hasn’t done here yet, and we’ve had more … finish reading “Snowy weather”

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Friday 5 for 26th November

Friday 5 for November 26: Holiday Music What’s your favorite holiday album? Either my two-disc set of Handel’s Messiah, or any album of carols. Puts me properly in the festive mood. What song’s lyrics, title, or theme best expresses the … finish reading “Friday 5 for 26th November”

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No(t much) Snow

We’ve had a little bit of snow today, but it hasn’t really settled.  Which is good, because it meant that the rails and roads were OK for getting back from the Skunk Anansie gig at Brixton Academy last night.  That … finish reading “No(t much) Snow”

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Travelling Woman shawl

Finally, belatedly, here are the pictures and info for my “Gap Year Travels” Travelling Woman shawl. Pattern: Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante [Ravlink] Yarn: The Yarn Yard Bonny in Byron Bay & Art Deco solid, and Wendy Sunbeam St. Ives … finish reading “Travelling Woman shawl”

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Getting chilly

It is getting cold out there – going to be below freezing tonight, and snow is on the way.  I think I’m going to get snuggled under my duvet asap. In website news, though, I think I’ve got everything sorted … finish reading “Getting chilly”

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Pretties from NZ

My brother and sister-in-law brought pressies back from New Zealand!  So I thought I’d show one of mine off: The name of the colour comes from a New Zealand bird which has plumage in the colour of the yarn.  Oh, … finish reading “Pretties from NZ”

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And we’re back

I thought I wasn’t going to get to post today, because the website has been down since about midnight last night, and it wasn’t looking hopeful!  But then my host fixed everything (hooray), and although I had to restore a … finish reading “And we’re back”

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Coding, Comments and Connectivity

I’ve been faffing around with the design of the non-blog pages on this site today and yesterday… and I’ve made a right hash of it! That’ll teach me to try modifying someone else’s code rather than writing my own. I’m … finish reading “Coding, Comments and Connectivity”

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Family Reunion

My brother and sister-in-law got home from their honeymoon today, hooray!  They’ve been in New Zealand for two months, so it’s lovely to have them back and be able to see them and chat to them in person, rather than … finish reading “Family Reunion”

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Repost for 18 Nov: In which my computer was unhappy, but my web server more so.

I should have taken a back-up after I posted yesterday.  I should have known.  But silly me, I didn’t.  So the entry I did post is gone, eaten I assume by the server move that’s happening with my web host … finish reading “Repost for 18 Nov: In which my computer was unhappy, but my web server more so.”

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Proof Positive

This will make more sense after reading the next chronological post, but the proper post from 18th Nov went missing.  But!  Here is proof that it did exist: Having heard back from the lovely Nablopomo mod, I have the go-ahead … finish reading “Proof Positive”

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I fibbed

Well, sort of – I said I would post pictures of the finished shawl today, and I haven’t got around to taking and uploading them yet.  What I do have is a sort-of, half-finished, almost new blog design.  Yeah, I … finish reading “I fibbed”

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And it’s done.

Hooray, I’ve finished my Gap Year Travels shawl.  I cast off in a different colour, which was totally a design feature and not because I ran out of yarn twice (if you believe that, etc etc), ends are sewn in, … finish reading “And it’s done.”

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Typing + tiredness = not working

Since I’m extremely tired today (I have new medication which is making me drowsy, hopefully just for the adjustment period, and every time I sit down somewhere relaxing I drop off!), I’m not going to say much again.  I haven’t … finish reading “Typing + tiredness = not working”

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