Typing + tiredness = not working

Since I’m extremely tired today (I have new medication which is making me drowsy, hopefully just for the adjustment period, and every time I sit down somewhere relaxing I drop off!), I’m not going to say much again.  I haven’t managed to finish the shawl yet, but just have the cast off edge to go.  I’ve been setting the twist of some of my handspun:

Setting the twist

Setting the twist

(excuse the rubbish photo), and also marvelling over how the Xandermog can go from FULL ON PESTER mode to fast asleep, you-can’t-wake-me in under five minutes flat.  Still when the result is this little face:

Xandermog on the sofa today


how can you complain?

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  1. Kate says:

    Hi from ICLW :)

    While I could have posted a comment on any other, more recent, post – this one had pictures of creative projects, and a CAT! I love cats, and yours looks very sweet.


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