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Coding, Comments and Connectivity

I’ve been faffing around with the design of the non-blog pages on this site today and yesterday… and I’ve made a right hash of it! That’ll teach me to try modifying someone else’s code rather than writing my own. I’m … finish reading “Coding, Comments and Connectivity”

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August IComLeavWe

IComLeavWe has rolled around again, so hi to anyone who drops by from that :-)  I’m going to be a little late in starting this month, because I’m going to be out for most of tomorrow (technically today already, eek), … finish reading “August IComLeavWe”

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July ICLW!

IComLeavWe: Join the Conversation Whoops, I’ve just realised that yester-today* is the start of IComLeavWe for July.  So a quick hi to anyone who drops by – I am still here, but I’ve been so busy spinning and doing other … finish reading “July ICLW!”

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R is for Reciprocity

Today is the first day of June’s IComLeavWe, the comment-leaving equivalent of NaBloPoMo.  Well, sort of – the aim is to leave five comments, and return / reply to one, every day during the week of the 21st-28th of the … finish reading “R is for Reciprocity”

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A is for Ambition

I’ve decided that a good way to keep myself going with the daily posting is to do the meme / exercise that I’ve seen on some other blogs, and do a letter of the alphabet each day.  Obviously that leaves … finish reading “A is for Ambition”

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Oh well

Well, I had intended to keep on posting as much as possible for NaBloPoMo, but it turns out that wasn’t to be!  My landline was dead as a Dodo for a few days, and my internet connection with it.  BT … finish reading “Oh well”

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