July ICLW!

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Whoops, I’ve just realised that yester-today* is the start of IComLeavWe for July.  So a quick hi to anyone who drops by – I am still here, but I’ve been so busy spinning and doing other Actual Real Life things (shocking, I know) that I haven’t remembered to blog.  And now I’m off to make today’s tally of comments.  Better get to bed after that – it’s late!

* technically yesterday, since it’s now past midnight, but still within the same “day” for me since I’m still up!

Author: Lou

Geeky fangirl and knitter, owned by large black mog. Sometime web designer. Lapsed musician.

11 thoughts on “July ICLW!”

  1. “Actual Real Life Things” LOL – I totally get that statement. Seems like these days we’re doing a whole lot of pseudo-living – you know, online in cyberworld – and less and less actual living. So kudos to you for actually being busy in the REAL WORLD!!!

    1. I know, I tend to spend waaaay too much time online – this actually getting out of the house and spending time with people face to face is almost a novelty! ;-) Seriously, I think the weather being good this summer has helped – it was so grotty last year that I didn’t get out and about much.

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