Days of summer

Wow, and there goes another month – I did so well blogging all through June, started out in July…. and then Real Life took over!  What a shock to the system that’s been ;-)  Seriously though, it really has been a pretty good summer.  The “busy day” to come that I mentioned about two posts / six weeks ago way back on 5th July was the day that I had an interview for a volunteering “job”, and I’ve been doing that ever since.  Not every day, I mean.  Just once a week.  I’m really enjoying it!  (I’d better not go into specifics just yet.  I’ll check with them first if they mind me blogging about it a bit.  I’ve been almost-burned with that before, when a manager at my job up north told me I should remove all references to work.  And none of that was specific stuff about the company at all, if I remember rightly, and certainly didn’t name anything or anyone.  Just occasional anecdotes about colleagues and work life.  So, double-check first, blog later!)

Other than that, I’ve been going to the Bipolar Course, which is nearly over now.  That’s also been really good.  I hadn’t been going to choir for a while because I’d been ill, but I’ll be going again when rehearsals start back up in September so I’m looking forward to that.  And I’ve also taken up Geocaching!  What-y What-ing?  Well, in case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a sort of a cross between orienteering and treasure hunting, done with GPS.  In my case, I use the GPS thingy in my phone rather than a dedicated device, and it’s been spot on every time so far.  It’s getting me out and about and giving me a reason to go for walks, and it was surprising the first few times how much glee and satisfaction I felt when I found the caches.

Right, I must be getting on.  I’ll try to remember to blog more about geocaching, update my knitting and spinning stuff… um…. oh, and talk about Pirate Day, Promming,  and how much I liked the BBC’s new “Sherlock” adaptation!  I think that’s about it.  Probably.

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2 thoughts on “Days of summer”

  1. Geocaching sounds like so much fun. How did you get started doing it?

    I noticed that you mentioned knitting and spinning. Do you actually spin your own yarn and, if so, what kind of fiber do you like the best? I crochet and knit but have never gotten into spinning.

    1. Geocaching is a lot of fun – I got started through hearing online friends talk about it. I thought I’d check the site out, and much to my surprise, there are loads of caches round here. Once I knew that, I couldn’t resist!

      I do spin my own yarn, yes, although I’m a relative newbie at it and not all that good! Of the fibres I’ve tried so far, I like merino the most, although I’ve just been spinning merino / tencel and that’s been an interesting process seeing how the fibre translates into yarn. You really do start to notice the difference in the length of the different wool fibres when you’re spinning. Every one is a bit different.

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