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Repost for 18 Nov: In which my computer was unhappy, but my web server more so.

I should have taken a back-up after I posted yesterday.  I should have known.  But silly me, I didn’t.  So the entry I did post is gone, eaten I assume by the server move that’s happening with my web host … finish reading “Repost for 18 Nov: In which my computer was unhappy, but my web server more so.”

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Look back in confusion

No really though, where did September and October go?  I really had had every intention of posting, if not every day, then most days during these last two months.  The NaBloPoMo theme for Sept was Art, and I had relevant … finish reading “Look back in confusion”

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Fun things (Part 1?)

Alright, so I said I’d make sure I was doing at least one necessary thing and one thing for fun every day… how’ve I been doing so far? Monday: Cleaned the bathroom and kitchen thoroughly; knitted and listened to podcasts. … finish reading “Fun things (Part 1?)”

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All work and no play…

… makes Loopylou something something?  Except it’s not like I do work in the traditional “going to work” sense, so never mind.  The reason I’m vaguely on this topic is that the theme for October’s NaBloPoMo is “Play”.  You can … finish reading “All work and no play…”

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