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Fun things (Part 1?)

Alright, so I said I’d make sure I was doing at least one necessary thing and one thing for fun every day… how’ve I been doing so far? Monday: Cleaned the bathroom and kitchen thoroughly; knitted and listened to podcasts. … finish reading “Fun things (Part 1?)”

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On the second day of Christmas…

… my brother brought to me: – Some non-drowsy Sudafed – And a packet of Panadol Extraaaaa. Ahh, sweet relief! I’d just run out of painkillers, and I was very glad I didn’t have to drag myself down to the … finish reading “On the second day of Christmas…”

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The amazing expanding feet :-/

It’s looking like I’m experiencing a side-effect from the new medication I started a couple of weeks ago: oedema. My feet and legs have swollen up, and I think my arms have a bit as well. My skin feels too … finish reading “The amazing expanding feet :-/”

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Toothy drama

I’m not having very good tooth-luck at the moment. It’s just the one tooth, really, but I broke a chunk off of it (I had an encounter with a rogue popcorn kernel) a couple of weeks ago. Then yesterday, I … finish reading “Toothy drama”

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OK, I know I said I wouldn’t moan any more about this… but I’m going to anyway. I fail at being ill. I’m officially rubbish at it. Because both lying down and sitting / standing up have their different discomforts, … finish reading “Ugh”

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I went to the animal fair

So, once again I’ve been mainly too busy to knit, as I’ve had my friend staying (we had a brilliant time), and then my aunt sadly died (she had cancer), so there was her funeral in Blackpool to go to … finish reading “I went to the animal fair”

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