OK, I know I said I wouldn’t moan any more about this… but I’m going to anyway. I fail at being ill. I’m officially rubbish at it. Because both lying down and sitting / standing up have their different discomforts, I’ve been yo-yo-ing between one and the other… which has meant not much sleep until this afternoon when my body apparently decided enough was enough and zonked out. Of course, now I’m awake again.

Still, I’ve loaded up my mp3 player with podcasts, I have soup and hot squash (and I’ve taken all the right vitamins and painkillers, etc), and I have my knitting and my Palm which is loaded with books & also there in case I have inspiration to crack on with NaNoWriMo*. I’m Going To Bed!

* Yes, like a fool I signed up for NaNo. I haven’t tried doing it for a few years… and of course I have to get ill at the start of November, so I haven’t even started yet. However, I’m not going to stress. I’ll start when I can and just see how much I can get written over the month. I was going to do NaKniSweMo instead, you know, but then I realised I have my gift knitting – that really needs to take priority. Maybe I should see if there’s a Gift Blitz KAL. If there’s not, there should be!

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