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Rufus Robot!

Today, I shall be pimping my friends, Holly and Larry.  Or more specifically, their new project / website / business / educational game app: Rufus Robot. (Not, as my Mum thought I said, “Ruthless Robot”.  That would be a different … finish reading “Rufus Robot!”

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Mid-month Blogathon Challenge

I’m sure I’ve said this umpteen times, but I really do want to get back into blogging more regularly.  So, I’ve decided to set myself a blogathon / blopomo challenge: posting every day for a month from today, June 15th. … finish reading “Mid-month Blogathon Challenge”

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Busy busy busy

I’ve been running around doing all-sorts this week.  I’ve been at C House a few times, at the library (hi Henry!), at the gym (!!!), to KnitJam, and I’ve had a visitor this weekend – my friend Charlotte.  Whew!  And … finish reading “Busy busy busy”

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On Thankfulness

I don’t normally do this, since it isn’t Thanksgiving in the UK, but I think I will this year.  So here goes: Reasons to be Cheerful, 1, 2, 3…. My family and friends.  I’m lucky that I have people I’m … finish reading “On Thankfulness”

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Happy Birthday Noxie!

Today is my lovely friend Noxie‘s birthday, so much love and happy returns to her!  We originally met through both being fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and are still friends twelve years on!  Isn’t the internet grand? As for … finish reading “Happy Birthday Noxie!”

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And I’m Done

Woohoo, I’ve completed NaBloPoMo for June.  I shall give myself a pat on the back… and maybe check if there’s a “winner” badge or something.  No big deal if not. I’ve also been seeing how I can do on the … finish reading “And I’m Done”

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F is for Friends, Family, and Food

Which three things sum up my day fairly well, really.  My whole weekend, in fact.  Like I said, we went to see Ally and family yesterday and out into the park where I saw several people I’d been at school … finish reading “F is for Friends, Family, and Food”

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E is for Elementary…

… my dear Watson.  Which basically means that Charlotte is here and we’re watching movies!  Sherlock Holmes, some of Return of the King, and… whatever else will depend on what time we have.  We’ve watched Doctor Who as well, of … finish reading “E is for Elementary…”

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D is for DIY

My brother is here today to do some DIY for me… which perhaps means it’s not strictly DIY since all I’m going to be doing is directing proceedings a bit.  It’s going to be less stressful all round this way, … finish reading “D is for DIY”

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Merry Christmas everyone :-)

I’m just popping by to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from both me and the Xandermog. I’m looking forward to spending a lovely day with the family1, cooking together, eating til we feel slightly … finish reading “Merry Christmas everyone :-)”

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22: Other Bloggers for Bipolar

I’m not the only person to be blogging for and about bipolar during the Blogathon.  There are more people blogging for other mental health issues too.  I’ve already linked to a couple, but I’m going to do so again because … finish reading “22: Other Bloggers for Bipolar”

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19: Friends and Family: It’s Not Just All About Me

Finally, my first ‘proper’ post on a bipolar related topic!  I’ve taken way too long over writing this… I need to speed up for the others!  I’ve chosen this one to start with because it got the highest number of … finish reading “19: Friends and Family: It’s Not Just All About Me”

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14: A recommendation

While I’m eating my dinner, can I just point you in the direction of an excellent post that Cia made about ‘normality’.  I’ve been asked a question about this by Ptyx, and I’ll give a bit of my own take … finish reading “14: A recommendation”

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10: Chillpill

OK, I’m going to take a short break to go and say hi to some other bloggers.  But first, thank yoooooou to Heather (aka darlas_mom) for her sponsorship!  *hugs!*

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4: Shoutouts

Just a quick one this half-hour to say hi to some people doing the ‘thon – you should go and visit: darlas_mom at tales from a twentysomething artist Renee Rigdon at Renee Rigdon is Genre Impaired Cia at crazed and … finish reading “4: Shoutouts”

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