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Stuck already!

Or, How To Be Extra-Specially Rubbish at Blogging, by Lou. Oh dear. So, it’s all of day two of this challenge thingy, and already I’m kind of stuck for what to write about.  So I’m writing about not being able … finish reading “Stuck already!”

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W is for Who!

Doctor Who, of course – today was the season finale.  No spoilers here, because I know it doesn’t air in the US (and Australia, I think) for another couple of weeks, but I will say that I loved it!  The … finish reading “W is for Who!”

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Doctor Who finale (Pt1)

(Or, Non-alphabetical Post The Second) I’ve just watched the first part of this year’s Doctor Who finale, “The Pandorica Opens” (and then Confidential, and then Casualty, but never mind that).  Wow, that was awesome.  And coooool, just like bow ties … finish reading “Doctor Who finale (Pt1)”

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L is for Lazy Sunday

I really have done pretty much pants-all today.  I should make some kind of effort to at least get ready for doing things tomorrow – put the sheets in the washing machine so they’re ready to go, or something.  We … finish reading “L is for Lazy Sunday”

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E is for Elementary…

… my dear Watson.  Which basically means that Charlotte is here and we’re watching movies!  Sherlock Holmes, some of Return of the King, and… whatever else will depend on what time we have.  We’ve watched Doctor Who as well, of … finish reading “E is for Elementary…”

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35 – Fic Rec: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in 15 Minutes

No, this isn’t a flashback to the 2003 Blogathon (where I was… reccing Harry Potter fic).  Well, not much.  I hadn’t read HP fic for ages and ages, but the new movie made me want to go and search some … finish reading “35 – Fic Rec: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in 15 Minutes”

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Topics for the Blogathon / Q&A

As I said yesterday, one of the things I’m planning to do during the Blogathon is to talk about some of my experiences with being bipolar, and I was hoping that people would ask me any questions they have about … finish reading “Topics for the Blogathon / Q&A”

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I’m back!

I did say I was going, didn’t I? I’ve been off in Manchester at the TRA Meet-Up 2007, which was the best con evah. Seriously. Actually, it was more like a pilgrimage than a convention – it wasn’t the kind … finish reading “I’m back!”

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Back from Germany.

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Today is Blogathon day, so you want to be right over here. Go on. Shooo! :-) EDIT: I’ve now pruned down my blogathon entries to just the fanfic recs and put them on this page for posterity, or something like … finish reading “Blogathon!”

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Saw Lord of the Rings

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My photoshoot pics from the

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So. Got stuck in a

So. Got stuck in a bloody three-and-a-half hour traffic jam between Northampton and Milton Keynes and totally missed the concert. I was clearly not meant to be there. Didn’t even make it into London that night – had to crash … finish reading “So. Got stuck in a”

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Lalalalalalala – change of plan.

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