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W is for Who!

Doctor Who, of course – today was the season finale.  No spoilers here, because I know it doesn’t air in the US (and Australia, I think) for another couple of weeks, but I will say that I loved it!  The … finish reading “W is for Who!”

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Doctor Who finale (Pt1)

(Or, Non-alphabetical Post The Second) I’ve just watched the first part of this year’s Doctor Who finale, “The Pandorica Opens” (and then Confidential, and then Casualty, but never mind that).  Wow, that was awesome.  And coooool, just like bow ties … finish reading “Doctor Who finale (Pt1)”

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L is for Lazy Sunday

I really have done pretty much pants-all today.  I should make some kind of effort to at least get ready for doing things tomorrow – put the sheets in the washing machine so they’re ready to go, or something.  We … finish reading “L is for Lazy Sunday”

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