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EDIT: I’ve now pruned down my blogathon entries to just the fanfic recs and put them on this page for posterity, or something like it.

I figure having a theme to run with will make it easier to make meaningful posts, and should help me along with not getting really bored as well. So, I’m going to be reading, recommending and reviewing fanfiction. If I get inspired, I might even write and post the odd bit of my own. Likely fandoms I’ll be reading in are: Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and possibly others in the science fiction / fantasy genre.

Stories may well contain slash (same-sex relationships) and adult themes & language.

And so here goes (posts in ascending order)

Sunday, July 27, 2003

REC: Teacher’s Pet [1:50 PM]
Teacher’s Pet by Didodikali. Harry Potter, HG, SS, PG-13.
My final ‘thon rec is the first HP fic I actually read, way before I’d read the books themselves. Hermione discovers her animagus form, but has a few difficulties with it. She’s rescued by Snape, of all people. It’s a frankly adorable story with matching illustrations, and I reckon it’s the perfect piece of lightheartedness to end on. Hee :-)

REC: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice [1:39 PM]
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by jacquez h. valentine. Harry Potter, HP, SS, (not a romantic pairing) PG-13.
Five years. Two wizards. An apprenticeship.

Oh, I cannot rec this piece enough. I really, truly cannot. It’s still a work in progress, just two chapters into the second year, but it’s an amazingly powerful story, and the relationship between Snape and Harry is complex and intense. And, just. Guh. I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops so very much.


REC: Fancy a Fuck? [1:19 PM]
Fancy a Fuck? by Bernice, with illustration by Mawkish. Harry Potter, Snape/Hooch, NC-17.
Snape likes boys, Hooch likes girls. But sometimes, after a bad day, you just fancy a shag with someone friendly….. *eg* It’s bizarre, but it’s fun – give it a read!

REC: Contemporary Magical Innovations, by H. Granger [12:57 PM]
Contemporary Magical Innovations, by H. Granger by Kali. Harry Potter, HP/SS HG/DM RW/MMcG, PG-13.
The difference between History and What Really Happened. Scenario #11 of the Snape Fuh-Q Fest: Snape’s voice as a weapon on the side of light; a spell/charm/potion ‘captures’ the essence of it, the properties of which are discovered to have interesting effects.

This story juxtaposes the official record of “Hogwarts: A New History” with that of the actual ‘human’ story, and it works fantastically, the plot and relationships gradually unfolding as the story progresses. Added to which, it’s another remarkably fresh approach to the Harry-and-Snape-working-together theme, the characterisations are very enjoyable and believably extrapolated, and the writing itself is engaging.

Fic good. Snape-voice pretty.


REC: Clay [12:43 PM]
Clay by Kass. Harry Potter, SS/HP, NC-17. In which the fight against You-Know-Who continues. And there is mysticism. And eventually shagging.
Ahh, this is an excellent one. While lying-low-in-plain-sight after graduating from Hogwarts (by pretending to go on an almighty bender), Harry winds up working alongside Snape. It’s an original and well written approach to the well-used almost-fanon concept of the two working together, and, well. There’s good plot, (well-based, believable) mysticism, and eventual shagging. Hoorah!

REC: Out of the Bag [12:32 PM]
Out of the Bag by Bernice Russell. Harry Potter, PG (no pairing)
I love this story – it’s a fairly short McGonagall POV that gives an interesting possible insight into Snape as a student. Hee :-)

REC: Severus and the Crup [11:22 AM]
Severus and the Crup by Josan. Harry Potter, HP/SS (eventually), NC-17.
What happens when a man meets a dog. Except that dog happens to be a Crup – a magical creature – in an England that has had all magic sucked out of it with Voldemort’s defeat. And the man is Severus Snape, surviving in a post-magic world. Oh, you should read this one, you really should. It’s bittersweet, and it develops so very well to it’s truly heartwarming conclusion.

Yeah, yeah, I’m a daft romantic at heart. And why not? :-)

REC: Cheer Up, Myrtle [8:27 AM]
Cheer Up Myrtle by Cat Samwise. Harry Potter, HP/SS, R.
An upside-down tale. What’s going on with Myrtle and her bathroom?
Yep, this story is told in chronologically regressing scenes, which eventually build up to give you the whole picture, and it’s enjoyably done. Plus, there’s Myrtle! Hee :-)

REC: Sodomy on the Bounty [8:01 AM]
Sodomy on the Bounty by Lady K. d’Azrael. Harry Potter, HP/SS, NC-17 (Humor, PWP)
This is one of those gloriously cracked-out fics, that you really do need to read. Trust me, you do. Even if you hate Harry/Snape – ignore that bit and just enjoy the overall ridiculousness.

Some of my fave bits have to include:

Snape opened his eyes and looked up. A circle of swarthy faces loomed over him.

“Stand up ye scurvy varlet!”

“Oh no!” said Snape in horror as he climbed, as gracefully as the swaying motion would allow him, to his feet. “I’ve landed in Yorkshire.”

“Arrr, this is worse than Yorkshire, lad.” Said the most gnarled looking sea-dog. “This is the Jolly Roger.”

(Potterfic with pirates!! Heeheeeeeeeeeee! *does the dance of gay pirate joy)


“Right. There’s only one thing for it.” Said Harry, rolling up his sleeves. “Someone’s going to have to be brave and heroic. And I think, just for a change, it’ll have to be me.”

and, and….. oh, just go and read it. You know you want to.

REC: The Fire and the Rose [6:22 AM]
Audra has recced this Snape/Hermione fic to me, so I’m reccing it on here: The Fire and the Rose by Abby & Domina. Harry Potter, SS/HG, NC-17.
A Snape/Hermione comedy set in Hermione’s final year at Hogwarts, it starts with an accident in Potions…
… and as I’ve only just started reading it, I have no idea what happens next. However, from the style of the writing and all, it’s looking promising. :-)

(I know – HP-het! *gaspshockhorror*, whatever next? Heheheh)

RECS: (Return of the MPreg) [6:03 AM]
Kate wanted more MPreg, so MPreg she gets:
A Life More Ordinary by Lexin. Harry Potter, HP/SS, NC-17. (Drama/Angst, AU, Snape MPreg)
Snape is told some bad news, and it goes downhill from there.


Unnatural by Lexin & Tidmag. Harry Potter, HP/SS, NC-17. (AU, Drama, Romance, Harry MPreg)
Hermaphrodite Harry gets in trouble – that’s not just trouble, that’s “trouble.”


Snape Slash! Get Your Snape Slash here! [4:59 AM]
The Snape Slash Fleet Port of Call is a hub site for a group of (d’uh) Snape Slash sites – there are sites for: Snape/Malfoy(s), Snape/Dumbledore, Snape/Neville Longbottom, Snape/Lupin, Snape/James Potter, Snape/Weasleys, Snape/Harry Potter, Snape/Black, and Snape/Other(s). Hoorah!

Order of the Phoenix Fun-tastic Innuendo List [3:56 AM]
Order of the Phoenix Fun-tastic Innuendo List. Oh, you *know* you want to see this. There are some fabulous quotes here, many of which are full of double entendres both in, and out of context. God bless JKR!

REC: [2:56 AM]
This is a site rec instead of a fic one, this time. But if you like the HP books, then you reeeeally need to get yourself to and take a look at Marta’s beautiful art. Yes you should.

REC: In a Delicate Way [1:53 AM]
In a Delicate Way by McKay. Harry Potter, Snape Mpreg, PG.
Yes, this one’s for Kate. It’s Snape Mpreg. Oh yes. *And*, there are multiple possible sequels (with, therefore, multiple possible fathers) by various different people. There’s even one where Hagrid is Snape’s Mum. Mwahahah! Find it at the bottom of the Fiction: Misc Pairings page of Chocolate Frog.

OK, OK. I’ll go find a different author now. I promise.

Saturday, July 26, 2003

REC: Severus Snape and the Temple of the Lost Raiders of the Covenant of the Mummy’s Grail [10:53 PM]
Severus Snape and the Temple of the Lost Raiders of the Covenant of the Mummy’s Grail by McKay. Harry Potter, SS/LM, PG (Humour)
Again, this story can be found at Chocolate Frog, on the Fiction: Misc Pairings page.
The author describes this one as “A meta-fictional romp in the world of action/adventure parody”, and that does just about sum it up. *g* Lucius is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge flaming, darling, and the whole thing is just damn good fun. Go read!

And as an extra bonus rec for this entry, you should read Mortal Coil as well. It’s Snape/Bloody Baron (PG), and it’s deliciously poignant. You’ll find it on the same Misc Pairings page.

REC: Too Wise to Woo Peaceably [9:58 PM]
Too Wise to Woo Peaceably by McKay can be found at Chocolate Frog. Harry Potter, HP/SS, NC-17 (AU, Humor, Romance)
The author requests links be to this warning page: to find the fic, go through to the Fiction section, then hit the Snape/Harry link.

This story is a hugely enjoyable fic in which Voldemort has been defeated early in Harry’s seventh year, leaving our heroes plenty of time to….. put on a Shakespeare production. The production is Much Ado About Nothing, and the story itself romps on in a similar vein to the play. The characterisation is great, and the usage of the Shakespeare lines is pretty much spot on. Definitely worth reading!
As you’ll see there is a sequel to this story which is equally enjoyable, but just to warn you, that one doesn’t resolve the overall storyline, ending on a not-quite-happy note.

As before, I also recommend the rest of McKay’s stories in the Snape/Harry section… I haven’t yet read her other pairings (which include Snape/Lupin, Snape/Lupin/Harry, and more) but if you happen to read them, let me know what you think!

REC: The Familiar [6:27 PM]
The Familiar by Resonant. Harry Potter, HP/SS, NC-17
Quite simply, this is a wonderful story. The premise is simple: a potion goes awry. What happens next is told in mainly short scenes, and this style works beautifully. In short, it’s an extremely enjoyable story with some great humourous moments, and a very satisfying conclusion. I seldom re-read things after only a short period, but I’ve read this story six or seven times in the few weeks since I came across it, and I enjoy it more with each read through. Highly recommended!

I’d also suggest checking out the story notes (with links to a couple of extra written-but-unused scenes), and taking a look at the cover art, which was what interested me in reading the story in the first place.

All of Resonant’s fanfiction can be found at in medias res

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