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Where was I?

Both figuratively / mentally and literally…. um…. yes. My train of everything is well and truly lost! Let’s try and get back on track, shall we? This is probably going to be a massively long post, I warn you now! … finish reading “Where was I?”

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Right now, I’m feeling the urge to run all the way to Dublin and physically cling to my webserver. Oh yes. You might have noticed that my site disappeared for a while there. As did most of my email. The … finish reading “Phew!!”

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Composing Knits

I’ve discovered something kind of interesting. To me, anyway. You see, I’d decided I wanted a hat to go with my Fetching wristwarmers. This meant applying the stitch pattern and cables used on Fetching to a hat. Well, with a … finish reading “Composing Knits”

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I’m back!

I did say I was going, didn’t I? I’ve been off in Manchester at the TRA Meet-Up 2007, which was the best con evah. Seriously. Actually, it was more like a pilgrimage than a convention – it wasn’t the kind … finish reading “I’m back!”

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Fetching so far

Fetching is progressing nicely, and it’s an absolute pleasure to knit. I have found the cables a bit more fiddly that others that I’ve done in the past, for some reason, but it is a nice straightforward little pattern, and … finish reading “Fetching so far”

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Nearly up to the thumb now…

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Actual knitting

While my photos are transferring to the ‘puter, I’m going to take the opportunity to go and do some actual knitting. Let’s see how much of a Fetching glove I can get done, shall we? *goes to settle on the … finish reading “Actual knitting”

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So, I finally beat that skein of Eva Tuscany into submission and got it wound into a ball! Woohoo! However, I have to admit… I did resort to scissors. I tried for three whole days (on and off, not constantly, … finish reading “Swatcharama”

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