FOs: “BP”, and Sirdar Snuggly baby jumper.

Hoorah, I’ve actually finished “BP” and the Sirdar Snuggly intarsia kitty-face baby jumper. And since they’ve now been wrapped and given as birthday presents to my friend C and her little boy respectively, I can reveal that BP is in fact a variation on the Coleen cropped cardigan from Magknits. Basically, I used different yarn, and knit it in two colours rather than just the one. Mainly because I wasn’t quite sure that I had enough of any one colour in the yarn to knit the whole thing. I’m pretty sure I would have run short if I’d tried. As it is, I really like the way it turned out.
The Sirdar baby jumper (pattern #1668) was knit exactly to pattern, other than using a different main colour than shown on the pattern leaflet. Oh, and I also didn’t seam all the way up the neck, but added a button and a crochet chain button-loop so that it wouldn’t be too tight for getting on and off.
I took photos before I wrapped them up, so I’ll upload and post those tomorrow. They were both very well received, and C was lovely enough to appreciate the time-and-care factor of me having made the presents for them. :-)
Now I’m off to bed, and to continue resisting the new Harry Potter book. It can wait til tomorrow! Sleep is more important! Really, it is. Am I convincing anyone yet?…

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