Brain: unravelled.

Ravelry has completely eaten my brain. And my life. LJ went down the other day, and I totally didn’t notice. I used to live on that site. Not any more!! Seriously, it’s because I’m going through all the setting up part – once that’s done, it won’t be so time consuming. Not that I’m not having fun, because I am! *g* Plus, I’m getting organised at the same time, which is always good.
Anyway, it’s Blogathon day tomorrow, so I’m off to bed to get plenty of sleep in! I shall try and stop by tomorrow morning to do a sort of preparatory post.
Also, I have to remember to go and pick up some new batteries for my camera. It’ll kind of scupper my plan to take and post pics of my knitting throughout the 24 hours if the camera is dead, won’t it?…

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