Some maybe-good-news. Becky from work

Some maybe-good-news. Becky from work was telling me that when she went to the RSPCA place, there was a cat there fitting Worf’s description. So I rang them, and they told me that the cattery that cat is in, is in quarentine for cat flu. Bad. :-( So I have to call back on Tuesday to find out if they’ve been given the all-clear, and then if they have, I can go in and have a look. And if it is him, I can take him home. Might bring him home even if it isn’t Worf. This cat was found in Hull in May – which doesn’t say much since he could have got that far easily. But his innoculations won’t be up to date now, so for all I know, he could be one of the ill ones. *sigh* Thing is, though, I reported Worf missing back in January, and they said they’d call me if they got any possible cats in. Which they clearly haven’t. So what if this isn’t him, but they have had him in, and re-homed him? Still, that would mean at least he was OK. Hum.

The gig the other day was outstanding, by the way. Got there way too early, met up with the very cool Sarah and Rob, and hung out in The Street (it’s a café-bar) and then The Crypt itself, where the gig was happening. And it was just like going back to school (well, OK, 6th form). They were using the old back entrance that was the only entrance when I used to go there, and inside – exactly the same. Tiny, dark, slightly sticky, with fake-fur seat covers. Fabulous. :-) The support band were Farrah (who have their own tour diary on their site), and they were most excellent. Took the crowd a couple of songs to get going – there were probably no more than 100 people there, but like I said, it’s a tiny place. We were halfway back in the crowd, just out of the way of the moshpit, and that was only 5m from the stage. And even though the stage is only a foot higher than the floor, the bassist had to watch it jumping around in case he conked his head on the ceiling. Heheh. Anyway, Four Star Mary came on at 9:30-ish and played an outstanding set. Fantastic time. And afterwards, I picked up a copy of their single, and got my album cover signed. Also got to say hi, shook all their hands and got a hug from Tad. Very cool, friendly set of guys. I’d most definitely go to see them again. Would’ve been worth the 12 hour train journey, even if I hadn’t been going to see the family as well.

Um. And speaking of train journeys, I really do spend a hell of a lot of time sitting on trains. Obviously it has a lot to do with being carless – everywhere I go that’s any distance, I take the train. Except for the Wolverhampton/Glasgow thing when we hired a car, of course. But generally, it’s the train. I take the train to and from work every day, and I did when I was in London as well. But I spose it’s still cheaper than running a car. *sigh* Damn, I want a car.

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