So. 31st August. S&S is

So. 31st August. S&S is supposed to re-open tomorrow. Right now, not looking so good. I’ve actually done most of the ‘big’ stuff, but the ‘little’ stuff has mounted up more than I realised – all these things that I thought ‘Oh, I’ll leave that til Friday, it won’t take long.’ D’oh. And the thing is, I’m so damn tired from working on it til the early hours, then having to get up to go to work. If only I wasn’t working tomorrow! Well, I might get it done – I had hoped to have it open last thing tonight, but I don’t think that’ll happen now. If not, I just hope I can finish it off on Saturday night after work. Meep! I’m so crap at deadlines….

Some interesting-mixture-of-painkillers induced rambling at

Some interesting-mixture-of-painkillers induced rambling at Soulfreak. I think it does make sense, but apologies if not.

What I’d actually intended to write about when I went to post there, was Cruel Intentions. Not entirely sure how the connection between head and fingers got lost there. So I’ll mention it here instead. See, we finally gave in to temptation / the-lure-of-wrestling respectively, and got Sky movies and sports last night, and determined to get my moneys worth I hunted for a film to watch then and there. Cruel Intentions was on, I hadn’t seen it but I have seen (and love) Dangerous Liasons, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. And damn, good film!! Grabbed me immediately and completely… can see why the brother likes it so much (other than the obvious SMG factor). I did miss some of it, though, when there was some kind of cat crisis outside. And of course I was trying to work on Spiked and Skewered at the same time (why, oh why do I give myself so much work to do?!). So I’ll be keeping an eye out for it to watch again. Definitely one I’d recommend.

Well, I’m back at work.

Well, I’m back at work. I’ve caught up on all my journal reading, just about. And I just had a Scary Experience(TM) in, uh, Xperience, the alternative / goth / punk / bondage clothing shop next door to where I work. I was having a browse (and then a buy – more tops, must get skirt / trousers!!) at lunchtime, when a voice from behind me (talking to the shop assistant, though, not me) said “Do you have kid’s jeans here?”. And it’s this ‘normally’ dressed mother, with three kids of under-12 in tow. WTF? I’m at the back end of the shop – well past all kinds of interesting stuff. So the girl behind the counter (well pierced and tattooed, fab mohican) told her, no, they didn’t, and the mother turns to the kids and says “Oh well, back to GAP then……”. I seem to remember Megs telling me of a similar SETM she had in there recently, too. What is going on?…… And, brain meandering back to needing trousers, I think I might have those tartan bondage trews. Like muchly.

But anyway, where have I been the last 10 days or so? Well, I was off work, for a start. On the first day off – Saturday – I went to the cat shelter as arranged, with Becx from work, Megs, and Heather (who was visiting). And came home with the largest kittymonster there, “Jerry”, now renamed Alexander. Shall get pics up….. eventually. Like I said before, he’s pretty jumpy – expects to be hit at every turn, poor baby. He was even scared of the toy I got him! He wanted to be friends with Willow (bless), but she was a stroppy little mog…. they’re getting used to one another, though, so that’s good.

Saturday evening, we went to a wedding reception for one of B’s friends from school. We were both pretty knackered, and were also providing solidarity for B’s best mate (complicated ex issues and the like), so we played barfly all evening. Which meant we got to see almost everyone there with no real effort, since they had to come by to get drinks. Then the groom’s Mum came to say hi, and asked Those Questions – “Where did you meet?” and “You’ve known each other nearly two years? Are you engaged yet?”. I swear, one of these days I’m going to make up some plausible meeting place, because having to explain the internet-y truth is just way too much hassle….

I then spent a few days hanging around, working on Spiked and Skewered, and cleaning the house. Mum and Dad arrived on Wednesday late afternoon, dumped a whole load of stuff with me (my stuff, from home), and went off to their B&B. Thursday – Monday was spent doing little day-trips to local places of interest and the like. I probably got more fresh air in those five days that I have all year so far. Heh. It was fun…. though now I’m pining to live by the seaside again. I miss it. Saturday was the BBQ at Megs’ house, and that was most excellent…. B applied his manly skills to burning barbequing the burgers; Meghan got bird crap on her head then later informed my previously clueless parents that Martin and Heather had done far more than snog a bit on the dancefloor at Nocturnal…. hope he doesn’t get a Talk when they get home; we melted marshmallows with gusto; and then we all watch Sister Act. I have to get the movie channels.

And then yesterday, of course, after Mum and Dad departed to visit my Uncle Ted, various cousins, their children (roughly my age), and their children*, I went and got my hair snipped and dyed. Wheeeee! Then it was back home for further Spiked and Skewered toiling. I’m not going to get everything done for 1st September, but I’ll have plenty to re-open it with. The rest can be added later (thank god I simplified the navigation as far as adding sections goes!). I believe it’s going to be a fairly large site, now. I want it to be a good one. I think it is, but I hope other people will like it. The content, anyway. I’ve come to the conclusion that the design sucks….

* My Dad, at 68, is the youngest of five. Ted is 13 years older. Mum is 15 years younger than Dad…. Ted’s son Malcolm is a few months older than Mum. And so on and so forth.

*does the Dance of New-Hair-Joy*

*does the Dance of New-Hair-Joy* I’m hair-happy. Black with deep red streaks, and now cut so it’s all one length-ish. Yay! Also, new kitty-boy, Alexander. Huge leggy ginger tom. He’s a rescue cat, and I think had been badly treated, so he’s somewhat jumpy. But he and Willow aren’t fighting, anyway. She is queen of the house, of course. :-)

Right, back to S&S. More tomorrow……

The bars of my twix

The bars of my twix have moulded into a slightly flat, uber-twix entity. It’s somewhat disturbing.

But at least I actually finished a fic last night. Fred POV, my first attempt at such. And my first Angel fic in general. Go me. The Fred site is nearly done, too. Opening it tonight. I think I might drop the gallery, since there aren’t that many pics at the mo, and it’s a bit time consuming to do. Can always add it in later. The other bits that need finishing are more important. God, listen to me. As if this is actually important at all. H-o-b-b-y. LOL. Which is why I actually take time off work to do it. Mmmm.

Hoping to get a new cat tomorrow. Need to call the cat shelter place again – left a message last night. I want to adopt another fluffboy, a young adult cat, preferably one like Worf. Or maybe it’d be better to get one totally unlike Worf, lookswise. But a Worf-y temprement would be lovely. :-)

Meghan had this on her

Meghan had this on her blog, and since I haven’t put anything like this up that I remember, I thought what the hell. So here we go:

TIME: 15:39
FULL NAME: Louise Anne
DOB: 17th Oct
SIGN: Stop! (Um. Libra)
BIRTHPLACE: Hastings, E Sussex, UK
HOMETOWN: Hastings. But I live in Beverley, E Yorkshire.
PARENTS TOGETHER/DIVORCED: Together, for just over 30 years.
CURRENT LOCATION: At computer, at work, in Hull
HOW OLD DO YOU LOOK: Apparantly, the same age as my younger brother (who is 21, 5 years younger). According to all the people who’ve asked if we’re twins, anyway.
SHOE SIZE: 4 (or 37 European)
EYE COLOR: Murky Puddle (green-ish, changes depending on what I’m wearing / the light / any old random factor)
HAIR COLOR: Errrm. Naturally, dark blonde, I think. Used to be, anyway. Currently kind of middle-y brown from washing out other colours. Soon to be black with red chunks.
CURLY OR STRAIGHT: Mostly straight with vague wavy bits.
HEIGHT: 5’2″
WEIGHT: Too heavy. Ask me again in six months.
TATTOOS/PIERCINGS: Only ears pierced once, so far. But I’m planning, and saving up, for a couple more piercings and a tat. Or two. *g*
WHAT ARE YOU WEARING: Usual work clobber. Black jeans, black/purple top, black hoodie, big chunky boots (w/ 4″ sole, 6″ heel).
WHAT DO YOU WEAR TO BED: Depends how hot it is.
PETS: Currently one kittymonster, Miss Willow (the perpetrator of mass birdicide…. I said we should’ve called her Buffy). Taking a trip to the Cat Home place on Saturday and planning to adopt another one and bring him home. :-)
BEEN TO CANADA: No…. but I’ve got some cousins there, and Mum and Dad went. For a month. Damn retired people.
BEEN IN A CAR CRASH: Yes, two or three. Horrible, especially when you’re driving and some bastard rips the front off your car….
SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER: ……. it was on offer in Safeways, and it’s pink.
EVER GIVEN MONEY TO A HOMELESS PERSON: I have, but I’m with Megs on the pointlessness of doing it round here. Used to help a guy out in London.
COLLECTIONS: Anything and everything, really. I’m a horder. But I spose domain names and websites mostly at the mo. Heheh.
IF YOU COULD LIVE ANYWHERE: Somewhere with pleasant but cool weather. I don’t know, though. Maybe parts of Australia, cos I found the heat there OK. Or maybe Ireland – that’s the weather I’m built for.
DREAM HOUSE: Big. Spacious. Comfortable. Huge-ass computer room, an octagonal music room (not sure why), enough rooms to have plenty of people to stay for parties.
DREAM VEHICLE: Right now, any car would be good. I’d really just like a fairly new car that runs well and is comfy. And has a CD player, of course. ;-) I also want a motorbike, but that’ll have to wait a few years.
DREAM JOB: Predictably, webdesign.
MOST ANNOYING THING: Online, moronic people who don’t *read* requirements or rules for things, or make any effort to learn netiquette. And txt msg spk in email. Offline, cleaning up crap / beer bottles / scum that isn’t yours.
FAVORITE TV SHOW: Angel, Buffy, Andromeda, Trek
FAVORITE MOVIE: Hmmm….. Matrix, Evita, Star Trek: First Contact, Top Secret, Princess Bride, Interview with a Vampire….. several more.
WHAT’S TO THE LEFT OF YOU: A pen, a folder, a 500ml bottle of coke, half a flapjack, a nectarine, and my bag.
WHAT’S TO THE RIGHT OF YOU: Mousepad, mouse, my writing notepads, drink coaster with the company logo on, phone, work notepad, and the pen again cos I had a call and moved it in the middle of typing this.
CDS IN YOUR CD PLAYER: If B hasn’t changed it while I wasn’t looking, Skunk Anansie (Post Orgasmic Chill).
WHAT DID YOU DO TONIGHT: I didn’t yet. But what I *will* do is the Fred site. Really I will. Plus dull houseworky stuff. Blah.
THINGS YOU DO ON THE WEEKEND: Quite often, work. But if I’m off (and on weekdays when I’m off), I’ll veg out, faff around online, design and update stuff, go shopping, clean the house, and if I have someone to go with, go down the pub. Oh, and sometimes on Sundays we go to B’s parents’ for Sunday fooooooood.
THE THREE PEOPLE YOU’D TAKE ON A DESERT ISLAND: Superman, so he could fly me on and off at will; A portable cabin constructor (with materials) to, duh, build me a fancy cabin; Pretty man with guitar, for eye candy and entertainment factor (he has to be able to play it and sing well).
TIME IT IS NOW: 16:38. Heh.
WHAT ARE YOU THINKING: 1 hour, 20 mins to go…. and mustn’t forget to get B a pie or something for tea…… I wonder if anyone wants the rest of this flapjack…..

Um. So yesterday I had

Um. So yesterday I had my hair snipped, met Megs in town where we wilted in the icky heat, and when I got home, made the house marginally tidier. And did sod all towards the Fred site. I had such good intentions, too. Still, there’s not too much to do now, so I think we’re still on track for opening tomorrow. Better be. Also, I’m fairly happy with my design, so it’d be nice to open the site before I’m sick of the sight of it. ;-)

Oh, and I finally booked in to get my hair dyed. Right after payday, so it’ll be done before I work out that I can’t afford it again. Heheh. Black and bright red. Whee :-)

……… I’ve gone and done

……… I’ve gone and done it again, and this time it’s all Heather’s fault. So now I have a grand total of:
1 .nu
1 .com
2 .net
Oh dear. But if people will email me and ask me to think up possible domain names…. *sigh*

Of course, now I need something to do with them. I might think about rearranging a site or two… we shall see. But not just yet… I have too much to do at the moment, site-wise. I have a grand plan for that though, and it goes something like:
1) Finish Fred site, hopefully by Wednesday, has to be by Friday 17th.
2) Open Fred site, on either Wed, Thurs or Fri.
3) Sat 18th – Wed 22nd, get my head down and work on Spiked & Skewered… I really need to get the bulk of the work done then, so I’m planning on not actually talking to anyone online, or doing anything else other than (ugh) housework for these few days.
4) Thurs 23rd – Mon 27th, parents up to visit, so won’t be online much.
5) Tues 28th – Fri 31st, finish off S&S… hopefully only small things left to do.
6) 1st Sept, re-open S&S. Phew.

Did I mention, I really

Did I mention, I really hate mornings? I just could *not* get to sleep last night, and now I feel like utter crap. Couldn’t sleep with B snoring cos it was too noisy, couldn’t sleep in the spare room cos it was too quiet. Aarrgghh!!! (And his Mum told me yesterday that the snoring is fixable, if only he’d just go to the doctors. I feel some incessent nagging coming on……)

Oh, and for those people who keep hitting this site searching for Rachel Grant / Nina / Scifright, etc…. No, there’s nothing here of much relevance to her, but I am involved in the setting up of a site for ‘Nina’. Specifically, I’m doing the design… I know next-to-nothing about the content. If you’re interested in knowing when the site opens, drop a mail to and if there’s enough interest we may start a mailing list. Ta.

And see that advert up the top there? I’m giving space away here, people, on a nice pretty domain. Come on!

It occurs to me that

It occurs to me that yesterday I had intended to respond to some things that some other people said, but then I forgot. So here goes… I just have to track down what they were…..

Oooo, here’s one – Rowan was talking about Diane Duane the other day. And at the time I had that feeling that the name was nigglingly familiar, but it wasn’t til Rowan mentioned that she’d written Star Trek novels that I realised where…. I have a whole stack of Trek novels somewhere, from when I was even more into TNG than I am BtVS now. Heh. I wonder where they went to. Rowan also mentioned Diana Wynne Jones, who was recently held up on the BetterBuffyFics list as being a superior author to J K Rowling. Now, I can’t judge that, cos I haven’t read the Harry Potter books yet (I will, just give me time), but I do love Diana Wynne Jones… I first read one of her books when I was in my mid-teens, I think, and I don’t remember why or how I found it, because by then I never went into the ‘childrens/teens’ part of the library. But somehow I picked the book up, and I was entralled and promptly made it my mission to track down some of her other books. They’re still prominent on my bookshelf now.

The ‘white’ bit of the nail on my left hand little finger is now longer than the ‘pink’ bit, and appears to be still going strong. Makes typing slightly awkward, though.