Current word count: 3500-ish (I

Current word count: 3500-ish (I forgot to bring the thing with me today). Not looking likely I’m going to make NaNoWriMo, but I’m going to keep going, and if I get a full story out of it, I’m happy. I shall just wave pom-poms for Rowan, in a similar manner to Joss at N3K. Only after less beer. Maybe.

Someone has stuck a paper sign saying “Room 101” on the outer door of our office. *snicker*

Kita’s story about the girl grabbing JM’s arse makes me feel slightly sick. Much like a comment in a Aussie con report I read that JM had mentioned that British fans scare him / freak him out. This is bad. Lar is completely right – these people are actors, doing their job. Which is not to be mauled by anyone who fancies it. Enough people do that, it makes the actors decide it’s too much, which in turn screws it up for those of us who are more than happy to grin (like a fool), say hi, and go away again. Or whatever. But be respectful, anyway. Why is it that JM is doing the larger, more impersonal SFX con this year, rather than the more ‘hands on’ Nocturnal / Sector 14? Makes me wonder.

Shamelessly swiped from GB:
Your Viking Name is…

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