Mum and Dad are here

Mum and Dad are here for a visit – tomorrow we’re off to Blackpool to visit Mary, Ray and Wendy (my aunt, cousin and cousin’s partner) for Mary’s annual pre-Christmas bash thing. Where we will all have to wear santa hats and tinsel, and stuff. Heheh.

Took my CV into a couple of temp agencies today, and they were gratifyingly impressed with my ph33rsome typing skillz (59 wpm copytyping, bit faster for audio) and all, so I should hopefully get some work soon.

I think I need to change the commenting dowhatsit that I use here. dotComments doesn’t seem to like the new Blogger post numbering system, or something, and won’t do the comment counts any more. Anyone got any good suggestions? Or know how to fix dotComments, for that matter? Help?

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