A Little Tale about Knitting (and me)

(I’ve already posted this story to my LJ, a while ago, so if you’ve seen it before… well, that’s why, and feel free to ignore it)
Once upon a time, there were three girls called Alison, Clara, and Louise, who went to Guides together every Friday night. They enjoyed it quite a lot, and got the opportunity to do various outdoorsy things like camping as well as indoorsy stuff, much of which they earned badges for. They sometimes did get into a bit of trouble, since Ally and Lou have a tendancy to do slightly eccentric things that have unexpected and unforseen consequences. After all, naming a teabag and dancing the waltz with him can seem like a good idea at the time…. it’s only later, when it turns out that you’ve splashed tea all round the walls of the church hall kitchen and are obliged to pay for the paint to cover it up that you think it was perhaps not the best plan ever. Though on the plus side, the Guide Leaders will never get you to make the tea again. But anyway! This is a post about knitting. I digressed.

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You know what?

It occurs to me that I’ve spent waaaaaaaaaay to much time worrying about how this blog is set out, and how the categories work, and blah blah blah. So I’ve been sporadically poking it, and not actually made an entry for nearly a year. Hmmmmm. How clever.
So, I’ve resolved to actually start using this thing again. And here’s what you might find here in the future:
– Stuff about knitting (including pictures, when I have them)
– Stuff about courses I study (nothing on at the mo, though)
– Music and gig reviews / opinions / whatever
– Stuff about the books I’ve been reading, especially now I’ve started using LibraryThing. Look out for the blog widget turning up in the sidebar soon.
As well as getting going here again, I’m planning to start getting more of my photos uploaded to the photo album. But in future all updates about that (except the knitting ones) will be on the updates page / blog. When I’ve finished setting it up proper-like. *g*