Socks in progress

I keep reminding myself that I really should start using this blog again. And then I don’t get around to it. Like before, I’ve been spending to much time thinking about the how, and none whatsoever on making any actual entries. So now I’m going to just jump straight in with a knitt-y post. Ta-da!
Regia Socks in progress thumbnail One of my current projects is the socks you can see on the right there (click the pic to take a look at the larger version of it in the photo album section). I do like all the self-patterning sock yarns you can get, even if they are way too addictive and expensive for me right now. But basically, the fact that the yarn produces the pattern means that you can knit socks without having to pay much attention, so they’re the perfect thing to have on the go as something to take around with you. Yay socks! Does get a bit boring, mind you, so I’m currently on the lookout for a more interesting sock project – maybe something with lace or cables or something. We shall see.
Anyhow, I spose I do need to rearrange the categories for this blog again. Bah. And have a poke at the sidebar in general while I’m at it. I’ve been meaning to add that LibraryThing widget, after all.

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