Dinner Time!

Yes, I know I said I’d be more interesting when I got back from the shops, but that was before I was starving to death!!!! So I’m going to whip up some dinner (hmm, pasta?) and start uploading and editing photos while I’m eating.
However! What I will do is take requests for Harry Potter themed things. For example, house scarves (either style), leg / wrist / arm-warmers, socks, hats, bags, mp3-player / phone cosies, little knitted bookmarks…. anything you can think of, really. And here’s the thing: I unfortunately can’t afford to give away the materials, but I can give away my time. Therefore, I’m thinking that the price of these things can be split roughly 50/50 (depends on the item) between defraying the cost of the yarn, and donating to my charity. Does that sound reasonable? What I can produce will be limited because I’m intending to use yarn that I already had ‘in stock’ for making these things to sell. Prices will range from, say, £3.50 plus p&p for the smallest things, to £20-25 for a scarf. If you’re interested, drop me a comment.
PS – I’m a complete idiot. I made a text post from my phone while I was out, but I did it in the wrong format so it didn’t post to my LJ anyway. Duh.

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