I’m being kind of rubbish here, aren’t I? I’m flagging somewhat. Or, not exactly flagging, but feeling mentally flabby. Can’t think of anything to say! I need to re-organise my brain a bit for the night shift.
So, where was I? Well, I’ve been knitting my Fetching wristwarmers – photo and more details of those coming in a bit. No-one has yet taken me up on any HP stuff, so I think I’m going to mention it on my LJ. After all, I’m not sure it it’s because no-one reading this is interested, or if there is no-one much reading (I know: I could look at my stats! Duh.) or what. Doesn’t matter if nobody does want them, I spose, but I kind of want to get over the $100 sponsorship mark. *g* I was just trying to think of some extra motivation to persuade people to shell out. Mwahahah, etc!
Anyway, I was going to make a post about my charity, so I think I’ll do that next, and then start posting these pictures. I have to edit them a bit before I put them up, so that’ll take a little while, but they’ll be around soooon. Plus, I’m going to type up the drabble I wrote for Fandom Helps. *nod* Off I go then!

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