You know what?

I think I kind of underestimated how difficult it was going to be to knit and blog at the same time. Note to self for the future: I only have one pair of hands.
What was I thinking? *headdesk*
You know what else? I sent an email to the PoshKnitters list yesterday about my ‘thoning… and it hasn’t turned up in the group that I can see. Huh. I think I might try again. Hopefully everyone won’t end up getting the same thing twice. Because I am shameless in my quest for sponsors! Even when there is only… er… Wow, just over 6 hours to go. I think I had better send the mail again. You never know, after all, and the list mod said it was fine with her.
(And in case it works this time and anyone comes by – hi PoshKnitters! :-) )

[Listening to: Show 14 – The slow clothes mov – David Reidy – Sticks & String Podcast]

Author: Lou

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One thought on “You know what?”

  1. One set of hands, but ambition is a good thing! I am impressed with your little shawl corner. I’m a crocheter, myself, so seeing someone knit anything that pretty impresses the heck out of me!

    Good luck with the rest of the night!

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