SP11 again!

I had an email today to say that the Secret Pal matches are starting to go out. *bounce* I’m ridiculously excited about this whole thing, really. I do hope I get a non-UK pal, upstream or downstream or both. I really like the idea of exchanging things that we can’t generally get in our own countries, and getting to try completely new stuff.

I’ve also got to drop a line to the swap organisers to let them know that I’m actually going to be away (at the LoM con / meet-up!) on 1st Sept, which is when I’m sposed to first get in touch with my pal(s?). Still, I’m sure it won’t matter if I send the mail a day or so early. Shame I can’t get my mail to send as a timed thingy, like making a scheduled blog post.

In other news, the weather has been revolting today… which has at least meant I’ve not been dying from hayfever ;-) Every cloud (and there are lots of them in the sky right now!), and so on! The cat still insisted in going out in the pouring rain, of course. I’d better go get him in and dry him off now.

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