The monkey fell out of his bunk and slid down the elephant’s trunk

I’ve been whizzing through the foot of my second Monkey sock – yay! I am of course in no way inspired by the fact that I need those 2.5mm DPNs for another project I want to start. Oh no. Hah! (I need another set of 2.5s, is what I need. Ooo, or maybe a circular needle in that size, just for variety.)

But anyway, the foot of these socks goes so much faster than the leg! Quite possibly as much as twice as fast, in fact. Not that the leg was slow going, mind you. But the foot, remember, only has the pattern repeats on two needles, and the other two are nice speedy plain stocking stitch. The twice as fast thing is suddenly making sense! Plus, with my short little size 4, I only do five pattern repeats on the foot including the gusset decrease section. Which is one less than the leg to start with.

The outcome of all this is, I’ve now finished the lace repeats (yay), and all I have to do is the toe decreases and kitchener stitch the toe up. I like kitchener stitch. It’s all neat and invisible and …. weave-y. Oh look, my vocab has turned in for the night!

So I’m going to finish these socks off tonight while listening to podcasts before I go to sleep. Hoorah! I’m strongly tempted to take myself to the shop at the bottom of my road that sells all sorts of fascinating shop fittings and models, tomorrow. Because I want a head (please mentally pronounce that “hiid”) and a foot (“fuut”) or two for the displaying of my hats and socks. I know I have Angelique-the-toy-head (named by Ally manymany years ago), but she’s, well, technically a toy. And not life sized, which makes her not quite right for displaying hats. I’m not sure if I’d be better off getting a foot (or pair of feet), or some of those lovely wooden sock blockers – plastic ones are OK, but if you’re going to get some, you might as well get some dead spiffy ones, no? Shop model feet have the advantage of being properly foot-shaped, but sock blockers are easier to store. It’s a conundrum! Anyone have any advice?

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