Lost Gloves

It looks like I’ve lost my favourite pair of gloves :-( I mean, they’re only shop-bought, almost certainly acrylic yarn ones. But they fit, they were black with cables on the back, and they were warm and comfy. They weren’t scratchy or squeaky. They were my perfect gloves. Wah!

Of course, I have other gloves. Handknitted fingerless ones, which are lovely… but not quite the same as, well, gloves with fingers. And not go-with-everything black, either. Pleather (ie. plastic leather-looking!) ones: not warm or particularly flexible either. Cycling ones: v practical… if I had a bike right now, which I don’t. Velvet ones, lace ones: all very pretty, but not much use for keeping fingers toasty.

No, I want my woolly gloves back. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that I lost them out somewhere, earlier this year. Last I remember, they were in my coat pocket… and the next time I went to put them on, they were gone. I probably took them off and put them down, got distracted, and that was that. :-/ I’m going to have one last really good hunt through the bags that I don’t use much, just in case. And then I guess I’d better buckle down and knit myself some new ones.

The next question is, what kind of gloves shall I make? Proper cosy wool ones, certainly. But shall I try to replicate my old ones as closely as I can remember, or shall I have plain ones? Black / one-colour, or variegated? Hmmm. Pattern suggestions, anyone?

(I am of course, rilly rilly tempted by Natalie’s Glove Kits & Club, but I must not buy any more yarn yet. However, I spose I could have more than one new pair of gloves, couldn’t I? *cough* After all, I have all that lovely sock yarn that I don’t have to use on socks…)

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2 thoughts on “Lost Gloves”

  1. I’ve never knit gloves before, but I’m thinking of making some “pig mittens” for Buttons. If I run across any good ones, I’ll forward them to you. Have you checked on Ravelry?

  2. Those ‘pig mittens’ sound great! I have looked on Ravelry, but there seem to be hundreds of mitten patterns and hardly any gloves. That’s really really strange to me: it’s only since I started knitting and looking at patterns online that it even occurred to me that adults would wear mittens! In my head, little children wear mittens, and gloves are the ‘grown-up’ thing to wear. It must be one of those US / UK divides!
    In a way it’s a good thing, because it’s meant I’ll now happily wear mittens, especially fingerless ones, but on the other hand… where are the glove patterns?! Oh well, I do at least have the basic pattern in the Ann Budd book, so I can improvise something from that, if nothing else :-)

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