Alright, that’s *it*.

No more eBaying while under the weather for me. Clearly my brain just isn’t working as it should, and I’ve completely embarrassed myself not once, but twice. Even three times, if you consider it that way. First of all I sold a Colinette pattern book to a lady… and failed like a big failing person to post it out: I sold several lots of yarn at the same time, one of which I was being paid by cheque for, so I didn’t post it with the others. Neither did I notice that the envelope with the pattern book in was under that package, so I didn’t pick it up with the others when I posted them. Obviously I found it in the end, when I went to take the paid-for-by-chq yarn to the PO, but I’d been telling the poor buyer that yes, I had posted it out, really I had! Uh, not so much.

And now, guess what I’ve done? I sold two lots of yarn – same stuff in different colours and different amounts. Posted them out on Monday… to the wrong people. I switched the addresses. Cleverrrrrrrr. One of the buyers has just been in touch to let me know. *headdesk headdesk headdesk* I’m such an idiot. I don’t know if I put the wrong receipts in with them or not, but now I need to arrange for them both to be sent back so that I can post them out again. Either that, or arrange for them to post them to each other. Whatever they prefer.

I think I’ll go back to bed. *gloom doom etc* ;-)

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