I think you’re great, but I’m going to have to let you go…

If you love something, let it go… and other clichés. The grand de-stashing has begun! I’ve actually ended up being fairly ruthless and turfed out a lot of yarn on the basis that I don’t have any specific project in mind for it. It might be gorgeous, but unfortunately, I need the cash more. You see, a few things happened, including my washing machine having a very dramatic last hoorah (it was trying to throw itself out the kitchen window, I’m sure of it) and now I’m kind of hideously broke. The yarn, she is not necessary. So, here goes. I’m not putting pictures up in this entry because it would get too big, but there are links so you can click through to the photos. Or if you like you can jump to the yarn sale section of my photo album – all pictures but two are there.

Is what’s below everything that I’m clearing out? Well, no. As it just so happens, I’ve got some more yarn on eBay. And I’m also destashing some of my knitting books. I’ll make another post about those!

Anyway, all should be fairly obvious. I’ve laid it out so that you have the yarn brand and name, the colour (linked to a photo), the grams / yards per ball or skein, how many balls or skeins are available, and finally, the price. Postage information is at the bottom.

Yarn Colour Grams/Yds No. Price
Colinette Enigma (Aran tape) Fire 100g/173yds 4 £20 +p&p
Jaeger Odessa (DK mohair) 165: Dark Grey 50g/208yds 3 £4 +p&p
Jaeger Ribbon Mist 762: Cream 50g 3 £4 +p&p
King Cole 4 Seasons DK (cotton blend) 41549: Cream / Green 50g/123yds 5 £4 +p&p
Patons Bella (aran tape) 2500: Cream 50g/131yds 5 £5 +p&p
Patons Bella 2504: Aubergine 50g/131yds 5 £5 +p&p
Patons Cotton Rich DK 2415: Red 50g/123yds 4 £4 +p&p
Patons Horizon DK (cotton blend) 2010: Grape 50g/131yds 4 £4 +p&p
Patons Waverley DK Shetlands (wool blend) 6905: Grey 50g 3 £2 +p&p
Posh Yarn Emily (4 Ply Sock) Imposing 100g/365yds 1 £11 +p&p
Posh Yarn Emily (4 Ply Sock) Ripen 100g/365yds 1 £11 +p&p
Posh Yarn Laura (4 ply Sock) Halcyon 100g/440yds 1 £11 +p&p
Rowan All Seasons Cotton 218 – Pansy 50g/98yds 4 £10 +p&p
Stylecraft Ltd Harvest 4 Ply (wool blend) 3011 – Navy 100g/520yds 1 £1 +p&p
Stylecraft Ltd Special 4 Ply 1420 – Camel 100g/515yds 1 £1 +p&p
The Yarn Yard 50% Merino 50% Tencel Sock Yarn Moviestar 100g/361yds 1 £10 +p&p
The Yarn Yard Merino Pencil Roving Gleam 100g/55yds 1 £7.50 +p&p
The Yarn Yard Sock Yarn Clarice 100g/458yds 1 £9 +p&p
The Yarn Yard Sock Yarn Tour de France Vingt-et-un 100g/458yds 1 £9 +p&p
Unknown Coned 4-ply Navy 500g 1 £2.50 +p&p
Unknown 4-ply Navy 50g 1 50p +p&p
Unknown DK Cream 100g 1 £1 +p&p
Wendy Chanson 993 – Chocolate 25g 3 £1.50 +p&p
Wendy Classics Courtelle 4 Ply 290 – Butterscotch 100g/426yds 1 £1 +p&p
Wendy Classics Courtelle 4 Ply 2984 – Tartan 100g/426yds 1 £1 +p&p
Wendy Classics Courtelle 4 Ply 82 – Silver Grey 100g/426yds 1 £1 +p&p
Wendy Classics Courtelle 4 Ply 87 – Maroon 100g/426yds 1 £1 +p&p
Wendy Classics Courtelle 4 Ply 89 – Raven 100g/426yds 1 £1 +p&p
Wendy Precious Moments 196: Gunmetal / Red 100g 8 £10 +p&p
Wendy Precious Moments 197: Purple / Pink 100g 1 £1.50 +p&p
Zitron Trekking [XXL] #122: Grey / Red 100g/459yds 1 £4 +p&p

Postage works pretty much like this: I’ve worked it out based on the weight of the yarn (+ a little bit for that of the packaging which generally makes no difference) on the Royal Mail website and added in the cost of the envelope. I’ve gone for 1st Class / Airmail prices, but I can work out 2nd Class or Surface Mail if you’d prefer.

Package Weight UK Europe Elsewhere
Under 100g £2.00 £2.10 £2.50*
Under 250g £2.30 £3.10* £4.20*
Under 500g £2.75 £4.30* £6.65*
Under 750g £3.30 £5.60* £9.25*
Under 1kg £3.80 £6.80* £11.65*
Under 1.25g £5.15 £8.10* £14.25*
1.25kg up Ask me :-)

* Maximum price, check with me to confirm.

If you’re interested, please drop me a comment on this post, or email me (lou at loopylou.co.uk). Ta!

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  1. I would like to know the lot number for the cream bella shade 02500. I only need 2 balls, if I want it can I order just 2 balls?
    Thank you
    Kathleen Langford

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