Project 365 #3, Days 12-16: 21st – 25th Jan

Still playing catch-up with posting these, here are the next five days of my Project 365 photos. If you want to see all the photos so far, click on the Project 365 category link, or check out the Project 365 folder in the photo album.

On to the pics (click them for the full sized versions):

Day 12 – 21st Jan 08
Project 365 photo no.1 from 21/01/08
There’s an albino squirrel that lives somewhere around the back of my house. I was coming indoors when I saw it in the garden from the stairs window. Unfortunately, these aren’t good pics – I zoomed right in, which means the digital zoom as well, and that’s really affected the quality. Still, it’s a lesson learned! I like the way this one is framed with the fence and the shed in the background.

Project 365 photo no.2 from 21/01/08
Action shot! The caught-in-motion nature of this picture appealed to me – (s)he’s zooming up the piece of wood that my downstairs neighbour has bracing the fence, and it was a pretty quick zoom as well. It was chance that I caught this one!

Project 365 photo no.3 from 21/01/08
Another action shot, this one even more so… I think it gives a bit of an idea how quickly (s)he was zooming along. I swear the squirrel was in the middle of the shot when I went to press the button!

Day 13 – 22nd Jan 08
Project 365 photo from 22/01/08
This is the table that lives beside my sofa, and has my evening entertainment essentials on it. At the time this picture was taken, that meant the remotes for the telly and digibox, my knitting notions case (the sheep pencil-case: used to be my school one actually), scissors for snipping yarn (mended with gaffer tape when the handle cracked), my mp3 player and AAA batteries, the first Harry Potter book (in German), a pencil, my knitting notebook (currently open to the stitch pattern I’ve written out for my Damson Gloves), current knitting project (said gloves) and pattern book, and a row counter, cable needle and stitch markers. Oh, and on the floor you can see the bag that my current sock in progress is in, as well. See, everything I might need while parked on the sofa of an evening. Although to be fair, there usually is a drink on there as well. :-)

Day 14 – 23rd Jan 08
Project 365 photo from 23/01/08
I popped into C. House today, and since I was the only one in the sitting room, I took a snap of two of the guitars. And huh, I don’t know quite what happened there, but there seems to be a ghost guitar in the picture as well….. *spooky music*
Then I went back to practising the chords that P had taught me. G7, C, ad nauseam… (until I reverted to my usual one-fingered picking out of various tunes *g*)

Day 15 – 24th Jan 08
Project 365 photo from 24/01/08
This is the vase that sits on my dining table. It used to have a bunch of fake sunflowers in, but they’re now, um, sprouting from the top of my didgeridoo. But anyway. Instead, it now houses these sparkly things which I originally bought as Christmas decorations, but decided to use all year round instead. I like shiny things!

Day 16 – 25th Jan 08
Project 365 photo from 25/01/08
Finally, here’s my second Hedara sock as it was on this day. I decided to start my “WIP of the week” plan, and picked the Hedara as the thing to concentrate on, starting on this day. I’d already had the ribbing done, so off I went with the leg section. I really love this pattern.

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2 thoughts on “Project 365 #3, Days 12-16: 21st – 25th Jan”

  1. Just wanted to drop by and tell you I’m glad to see you are back posting images to the 365 Project. Feel free to jump into the flicker pool or forum discussion too. I’d love to get to know you better!

  2. Thanks Diane :-) I really must get the rest of my photos up-to-date posted! I’d been wondering whether to upload them to flickr as well – I’ll have to check it out.

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