40: Playing catch-up again!

Right then, what I’m going to do, in case I’m not technically dropped out for missing an hour, is bring my post count up to where it should be.  Which at the moment should be post #42, so I still have a couple to go!

I think I’ll come up with some techniques for keeping going fora another three hours, and for waking up a bit better right now:

  • Food – food is energy.  Bananas are good!  Just make sure not to relax on the sofa after eating!
  • Washing your face / brushing your hair.  Both make you feel more awake and generally better.
  • Moving around… stay awaaaaaay from the sofa, and definitely the entire bedroom!

Author: Lou

Geeky fangirl and knitter, owned by large black mog. Sometime web designer. Lapsed musician.

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