T is for Tan (or lack thereof)

I spent most of today on the beach, which was marvellous – the weather is warm and sunny, but with enough of a breeze to keep it comfortable.  I sat and knitted, listened to music for some of the time, the sounds of the seaside for the rest of it, and generally enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine.  I went and got one of those folding chairs that come in the carry bags, but I actually only ended up using it (still in the bag!) as a lower back rest.

Hastings Beach 23-06-2010
On the beach, Hastings, 23-06-2010

It was really nice being down there.  I really must go more often while the weather is good.  I don’t have a garden, but with the beach only 5-10 mins away… well.  Silly not to go.

I was working on my Clapotis [Ravlink] and got very near to the end… when I realised that I wasn’t going to have enough yarn after all.  Argh!  So I’ve ripped back again and I’ll start the decrease rows one repeat earlier.  That is, I’ll have one repeat less of the “straight” section.  It’ll still be a good length.  I should still have it finished this week, too, since the decrease section obviously gets faster as you go.

One thing that had completely passed me by until I got into town and heard all the people in the pubs was that it was the England v (er, someone) World Cup match.  We won, didn’t get sent home, and there was much rejoicing.  Including a group of blokes parading along the seafront singing the national anthem and then other assorted songs (Mysterious Girl? What?).

Oh, and although I was in the sun all day long, I’m still not tanned at all.  Or not enough to notice.  Being v pale, I slapped on the Factor 25 – I forgot once last year and got really bad sunburn, so I’m not going there again.  Still, if I keep going out to the beach, and the weather obliges, I expect I’ll gain some colour before the end of summer.  Even if it will only be noticeable by comparison with my watch mark!

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6 thoughts on “T is for Tan (or lack thereof)”

  1. You know – Mysterious Girl…soccer…geddit? Nah, me neither! All I can be thankful for is that Australia’s out of the cup so hopefully we’ll hear a little less about it down here… Happy ICLW!

  2. I don’t tan either. I go to the beach every weekend in summer and no tan that is noticeable. But I slap on FPS60 because, like you, I don’t want to burn. Been there, done that. Enjoy your 10 minutes away beach !

  3. Nice to know you had a lovely day out, even though you didn’t have enough yarn left. I’m sure you’ll finish it. :) I think Hastings is one of the beaches I have yet to go to. Last place I was at was in Sidmouth, Devon! Very lovely place. :) Stunningly enough I tend to go red in this country, but when I am in Portugal brown. It’s lovely that we are getting warm sunny spells. Keep enjoying.

  4. I can feel your pale skinned pain!! However, sitting on the beach sounds absolutely marvelous, so I wouldn’t mind not getitng fried if I could enjoy a nice relaxing day at the beach!

    Happy ICLW!

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