Just going through my photo album

Trying to decide which utterly stunning knitted object I’ll ramble at you about next ;-) Any preferences, anybody? Anything you can’t figure out what the hell I was thinking when I went and made it?
Meanwhile, have a podcast rec: Stash and Burn is put out by Jenny and Nicole, and frankly, it’s great. Funny, quirky, engaging, and fuuuuull of pepperyfibrey goodness, it’s very small and neat… no, wait, that’s a Finger of Fudge. But my point remains! Plus, it’s all about busting your stash (or trying to), which is something that I really need to get onboard with. So, if you’re not already doing so, you should go and sign up, and download those back-episodes too! Listen, laugh, and embrace your knitting fantasy life.

And relax

I feel a lot better now I’m eating. It’s the wrong time of day completely to have a meal, so I haven’t eaten all of it yet (I did go for the quorn sausages, new potatoes and baby sweetcorn – yuuuuuuuuum), but I’m feeling more energised. I think moving around cooking and so on helped a lot as well.
So anyway, now I’m still nibbling at that and listening to this podcast – it’s definitely one I’d recommend if you don’t already listen and are into knitting casts. The link is over on the right in my Blogroll under Podcasts (funny that).

[Listening to: Show 11 – A long thread – David Reidy – Sticks & String Podcast]