I’m finding this really interesting. Haven’t read it all yet, but I’m getting there. Did a course on Technology and Society on the OU, but in the end I was only really interested in the internet side. I think if I ever do another course anywhere, I’d rather go for something more on the practical design / coding / programming side now. But I still enjoy reading this kind of stuff. The site in general is also well worth checking out. Geek definition fits me to a T….

{“fits to a T” – where does that phrase come from? Hmmm.}

Oh, and the Referral Madness section over on NotSoSoft inspired me to take a peek at my own (embarassingly modest) stats. Most of the hits I’ve had have been from links, but I’ve had 3 search engine referrals (not too bad, I guess, since I haven’t bunged any keywords up or registered with any engines yet). Nothing strange and bizarre, but nothing really relevant either. One was for ‘alien pictures’ (that’d be the background, then *g*), and two for ‘Emily Bouffant’ (the girl I went to school with who’s now on telly).

Watched Shanghai Noon last night. Nicely entertaining – the funniest thing, though, has to be the subtitles for the American Indians. Tis impressive though, considering that Jackie Chan must be getting on a bit now – some of the fight scenes were pretty damn cool. And the subtitles were better than having it dubbed, too – some of his earlier stuff is kinda spoiled by the comedy dubbing IMO…. but on the other hand that’s kinda sposed to be like that, and you do get used to it. Heh. B has corrupted me. And talking of which, we’re sposed to be going to the pub quiz tonight…. I want to, but I’m sooooo tired. And also, these headaches aren’t of the good. I ought to go to the optician, I reckon. Maybe I’ll have a night of a bit of telly then bed, and no computer (yeah, right). Last couple of days I’ve also been playing with graphics for B’s new site, and updating the HRFHS site for Mum. I need fewer websites. Damn.

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