Dreamed last night that my

Dreamed last night that my Dad drove up to London and found Worf hanging around where I used to live. *g* Maybe I should follow that hunch up. Hmm. Taking Willow to the vets on Monday – her little eye is all squinty and sometimes it seems to get stuck shut, though we can’t see anything obviously wrong apart from that, and she perfectly happy. Bless. :-)

Census day tomorrow. Wonder if the whole Jedi thing will go through. Heh.

Just remembered another dream I had last night. Freaky and disturbing stuff – wonder where *that* came from! Might just have to turn it into a scary story. Hmmm. Might do.

Whoops, forgot to mention –

Whoops, forgot to mention – my webring for .nu domains is now open. So if you’ve got a site with a .nu domain or subdomain (though not on free servers), do me a favour and check it out. Cos a ring of one is a bit pointless, isn’t it? *g* It lives right here. First site I’ve done using pop-ups, actually. I usually have too much content to sling in to squish it into a lil pop-up. Heheh.

*sigh* Anji’s blog won’t publish

*sigh* Anji’s blog won’t publish to paranoid.freaky.nu and I can’t figure out why. Time to email my hosting co, I think. Have put a temp blog site up for her here, for now.

Still ill, btw. Oh, and the possible-Worf, wasn’t Worf. :-( Gorgeous cat, but not my fluffboy. Damnit, I wish he’d come home! Or that I could at least find out where he is, and know that he’s OK. Bah.

Blech. I appear to have

Blech. I appear to have eaten something dodgy. This is not fun. No work today, and I’m not sure about tomorrow now either. Thought I’d be feeling better by now. Actually, I’d thought I’d feel better by this morning. So anyway, have acheived very little today. If I don’t feel well enough to go to work tomorrow, I’ll have to try and get the forms sorted out from here anyway. Should keep my mind off the ouchies anyhoo. Heh.

Had some good Worf-related news today, though – a lady knocked on the door, and she thinks she’s seen him, and has actually been feeding him for several weeks. :-) He comes and goes, apparantly, but next time she sees him she says she’ll hang on to him and give me a call. She lives over the other side of the railway. I hope it is him. :-)

Whoops, didn’t post. Eyes and

Whoops, didn’t post. Eyes and head still hurt. Booked appointment for the eye test thingy. And had to get Luna to cancel the hotel booking for London, cos it looks like I can’t afford both. :-( Hoping to go down for a day or two, and stay somewhere cheaper or something.

Oh, Anji’s blog isn’t working at the new location yet, which is weird. So it’s still here. Have to try and get that sorted out this weekend, along with the other million and one things I need to do. Hopefully a bloke’ll be coming round tomorrow to put the bathroom door back on, too. Umm. I’ll add the rest of those people to the UKBAWC (yes, I know I’ve been saying that for ages, but it’s damn time consuming! Anyhoo, I’m halfway through them), and maybe get the new clique thing up too. You never know.

Also, Megs has opened a banner exchange for .nu domains, called Dot nu? – so if you’ve got one (or are hosted on one), go join! :-) I’m going to be opening a sister webring to it, called [dot]Nu Too? (original, huh? *g*). Neither of us had been able to find existing ones, you see, so Megs came up with the idea and I figured I’d join in the fun. My side of it should be open some time over the weekend.

Gomez – ‘Whippin Picadilly’. Has that been re-released or something? I keep seeing it on MTV2 recently, and I haven’t seen it for a while before that. Ho hum. 45 mins to Buffy.

I’m so tired. I closed

I’m so tired. I closed British Buffy cos, let’s face it, I was never going to get the content in there. It’s a shame, cos it was my first Buffy site. But I’m quite fond of the ‘Closed’ graphic now. Tony Head is so tasty. Yum. Of course, closing it hasn’t really made me any better off, since it’s just something off my ‘ought to do sometime’ list rather than the ‘oh god, really have to do’ list. What I really should do is say sod it all, and just delete the lot. I love my sites, I put lots of effort into them, both in terms of content and design. But right now they are really, really weighing me down. Also, I have this horrible sinking-feeling-of-doom that I’m not going to be able to afford the whole Spike-stalking expedition in June. But I have to, cos it’s already booked and arranged. Oh crap. If I don’t get my tax back in time, I am *so* screwed.

Hmm. Maybe I should get some sleep.

Ins reckons that the “descriptive!Name”

Ins reckons that the “descriptive!Name” thing could have a coding / programming origin (her Fri 6th Apr entry). Sounds viable to me. I’ll have to investigate that further. Oh, I don’t think I mentioned it before, but Ins writes cracking fanfic – it lives here.

Carpelumen.com is Messina’s site directory. She’s cut down on the quantity of sites she runs over the last few months (and I wish I could bring myself to do that!), but the quality remains the same – all her sites are visually stunning, and chock full of content (except for the cliques, of course *g*). Her Faith / Eliza Dushku site, Dahlia, is particularly worth a loooong look.

Hrrrrrrm. My Mum tells me

Hrrrrrrm. My Mum tells me that the census is actually sometime this month. I dunno.

Went to a ‘Buffymeet’ yesterday, with Megs, in Manchester. The five hours on the train (there and back) wasn’t so much fun – way too cramped – but the meet itself was cool. It rained all day, so we spent as much of it as possible inside, first in Starbucks, then in the shopping centre (WB shop – whee), then in various pubs. I hadn’t actually met any of them before, though I did recognise a couple of people from N2K last year. Everyone there yesterday, except one guy, is going to N3K or one of the ‘James’ events in June. It was a kind of pre-con meet, you see. It was fun. :-) Photos are here but I’m not telling which is me. *g* Baaaaad piccies. Happily, I’m only in 2, 4 & 8, cos then we had to go for our train.

Right then. Time to get back to playing with my sites. I have some new graphics for this one in my head, too. Dunno if/when I’ll change it though. Hmm.

This landed in my mailbox

This landed in my mailbox today. I felt I should share. *g*

<< August 7th Census. As some of you may know there is a census coming around on August the 7th. For those who don't know, a census is where the government gets your details like number of people in the house, religion, etc. If there are enough people in the country, about 10 000, who put down the same religion, it becomes a fully recognised and legal religion. It is for this reason that it has been suggested that anyone who does not have a dominant religion put down "Jedi" as their religion. Don't worry, you can't get into any trouble. You're just helping to mess with the government in a small way. So send this on to all your friends and tell them to put down "Jedi" as their religion and we can have "Jedi Knights" running around. Yes, this is a Sci-Fi thing, but it will also **** with the government. So if not because you love Star Wars, then just to annoy the government....and annoying people is very important... >>

Ins makes some very good

Ins makes some very good points in her “Insomnia + insanity” post. Getting wound up about what happens in a TV show is silly – after all, it’s make-believe. I mean, yeah, I do get irritated if, say Buffy is bitchy to Spike *again* and he doesn’t get a snappy comeback. But that’ll only last the duration of the show, maximum! But anyway, yeah, I think watching Buffy has done good things for me. I’m not saying that if Buffy didn’t exist that there wouldn’t be something else for me to be equally enthusiastic about, cos I’m sure there would be, and will be in future. But I’ve met lots of cool people through watching the show, and I’ve got into doing webdesign largely because of it, which I think I am slowly, but fairly steadily, getting better at.

I also noticed that Ins uses this thing that I’ve only noticed within the last few days, but I’m now seeing all over – putting an exclaimation mark after a descriptive and before a name. Eg, genuine!Tara or chipped!Spike and so on. So, where did that come from? I’m curious…….

Presenting…… A Tomb With a

Presenting…… A Tomb With a View. I opened this site yesterday, after working on it for 3-and-a-bit weeks. It’s a dedication to Darla and Drusilla (from Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I’m pretty pleased with it. :-) So, the next thing for me to do is revamp Eternal…. Literally, I think. I can do most of the work on the UKBAWC in bits and pieces. And of course there is still the massive task of overhauling Spiked and Skewered. Maybe I should take some more time off work…… Heh.

*sniffle* No more comment count on Blogvoices. It’s speeded up performance no end, apparantly, so I can’t blame them for taking it out. But I liked it. I think there might be some way to install it locally – I’ll have to check it out. Or maybe I should be thinking about shifting to Greymatter. Megs, what d’you think? Is it easy to set up and use?

John of Site for Sore Eyes has been nice enough to link me from his blog. And his blog is a real, proper blog – unlike this one, which is much more of a journal, or perhaps a burblelog *g*. Also, he likes Buffy. :-) So anyway, if you want to see what a blog should really be like, go see John. I’ve actually been thinking about the distinct non-blog-ness of this …. er….. blog over the last few days. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d never be able to produce a site like John’s, because the vast majority of my time on the internet is invested (and it is an investment, honest! *g*) in working on my own sites, reading my vast amount of email, and chatting to my friends on ICQ or AIM. When I’m not doing that, I’ll really only be surfing Buffy-related sites, and other blogs. And since the other blogs are the only places I’ll come across current affairs type articles, there would be no point in then inserting that into *my* blog unless I have a comment to make about it. Still with me? (No? Oh well. *g*) Soooooo….. what I’m going to do, then, is blog about the sites I do visit – Buffy / Angel sites. Perhaps not everyday, I don’t know yet. I’ll still continue with the general rambling too. And that’s it, really. Bet you’re glad you read that lot, huh? *g*

My Dad told me that my aunt Mary went for a job interview the other day, and they didn’t believe her about her age, or something. Apparantly they were really rude, and she’s talking of sending my cousin Raymond round to sort ’em out. LOLOL. Thing is, she was applying for a job in an old people’s home. Mary is 77 years old. Raymond thinks she’s about 69. OK, so she doesn’t look her age, but I don’t think she’s going to be able to get away with pretending to be in her fifties any more. My Dad’s whole family is utterly barking, you know, and they’re not getting any better with age….. but at least they go on forever!

Meh, weather

It was such a lovely day today – all warm and sunny…… now, of course, there’s thunder and lightening, and it’s pissing it down. Oh well – April weather. Saw Mr Worf again earlier, too – he was sitting on the fence at the end of the garden. B saw him too, but when I went outside, Willow ran after me (d’oh!!), and Worf legged it again. *sigh*

But anyway, The SPIKED Awards are now open for the second session. And I have a splash page up for my new domain, freaky.nu. Nothing else, yet, but I like the graphic. *g* Oh, and I finally managed to ftp into The Airlock this morning. Don’t know what’s been wrong with it! Tcha. Right then, I’ll get on with working on Tomb With a View. Go me…..

Search result fun

I have my first ‘interesting’ search result – “sluts are so good”. LOLOL. And *then* I found this in my guestbook at Spiked and Skewered:
“I loved it. I think your really hot but hey your too old for me. I am only 16 going to be 17 I can’t wait. I do admire you in Buffy. #1 fan ****** “
Well, thanks…… but I’m actually not James Marsters. Guess I could pass it on to him when I see him at the con in June, though. Teehee! (2½ months to go!)

Oh yeah, and I thought of the other thing I need to do – I have to get my new project rolling. I’ve bought a new domain, and some space, and I’m going to be using it to host people. So, I need to get a front page up, and then find some way of getting good hostees. I was planning it to be a totally non-Buffy site, and only host people I didn’t already know, but I already offered to host Anji’s blog. I’m not going to host anyone else I know, though. But I may take a Buffy or Angel site. Preferably just the one, cos I want to have a good variety…… I want it to depend more on the webmaster than exactly what’s on their site. Does that make any sense? Probably not, but at least I know what I mean.