Upgrade…. success?

Well, things seem to have gone off ok, and I must say I rather like this newer version of MT! That everything did go smoothly, however, is not due to the documentation provided by SixApart. :-/ That’s what’s been making me put this off and tear my hair out for months! But I found a wonderful tutorial at Learning Movable Type, and in the end it took me less than half an hour including uploading everything. Woohoo! Thank you, LMT people!
Anyway, I still have some poking around the new version to do, and I want to explore how the tags work particularly. And see if I can turn comments back on without getting swamped with spaaaaaaaaaam.
I’m actually also thinking about combining the old entries back together with this blog so that it’s all in one again. I’ve seen from the activity log that people seem to be searching for things on this blog that are actually on the old one. Well, I guess I’ll keep thinking about it.

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